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Explore The Produce Stand Of Fae Farm

Produce stand in Fae Farm is a stall similar to the market stall that sells items from the players to other NPCs in the game. 

Furthermore, players must first complete a quest to access the stand in Fae Farm. 

Players of Fae Farm can sell items in two different ways in the game. Furthermore, one of the methods allows players to sell the items from the comfort of their homes while the other method makes the players travel to the city’s center. 
Continue reading to explore the produce stand and sell items in Fae Farm.

What Is Fae Farm? 

Fae Farm is a farm simulator-type game that allows players to experience a cozy playstyle. 

Furthermore, the game allows players to craft, cultivate, and use spells to explore the world of Azoria and decorate their homestead. 

Additionally, players can also play the game in co-op with their friends. The game allows a co-op of 1-4 players together. 

Thus, players can play the game with their family and friends and enjoy each other’s company. 

The game also features various crafting recipes and enemies for players to find and encounter. 

Each recipe allows players to craft new decorations for their homestead. 

Each decoration can improve their mana, health and stamina.

Thus, this interaction with the decorations makes the game stand out among similar sim games. 

Fae farm also allows players to have romantic relationships with other NPCs.

Thus, players can even build upon their relationships with other NPCs to get married later on.

However, having a romantic relationship with the NPCs seems to have no inherent benefits. 

Furthermore, players can only marry one partner at a time.

However, they can date multiple NPCs simultaneously in the game. 

If you are playing together in a party and both players are interested in the same NPC, then it is first come, first serve with the relationship. 

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What Is Produce Stand In Fae Farm? 

Produce Stand is a form of market that players can purchase and set up near their houses in Fae Farm

The stand is capable of holding up to eight items. Thus, allowing players to free up their space in the market. 

The main reason to set up a produce stand is to have more space in the market tables because a market table can hold only eight items. 

Furthermore, players may notice that both the market tables and the produce stands can hold the same number of materials/items. 

market place is in center of fae farm
The marketplace is in the center of the city of Fae farm.

The market tables and the produce stands are quite similar since both the stands sell the items by 6 AM the next day. 

However, the difference between the two is that the produce stands are close to your home and provide easy access to a selling stand. 

Thus, the main reason to install a produce stand near your house is to sell more items in the market.

Similar to the market, players can put eight items on the stand. 

According to players and some other sources, players can sell 48 items with both the market tables and produce stand. 

Thus, players can reap more currency from both the marketplace and the produce stand. 

Note: The same items do not stack in the market table or the produce stand. Thus, if players want to sell multiple items of the same type, they must be mindful of the slots they can allocate to each item. 

How To Install A Produce Stand In Fae Farm?

Installing a Produce stand in Fae farm is rather simple.

However, players must first complete the mastering marketing quest. 

Furthermore, during the quest, players must also interact with Mayor Merritt.

This allows the players to access the market tables and the produce stands. 

mastering marketing for produce stands fae farm
Complete mastering marketing to access produce stands in Fae farm.

However, to install the produce stands, players must talk to Pearl.

After they talk with Pearl, they can purchase the Produce stand. 

Then, the next day the stands will appear near your house.

Thus, allowing you to sell items from the comfort of your house easily. 

pearl installs produce stand in fae farm
Pearl will install the produce stand near the house in Fae farm.

The Bottom Line

The produce stands are an additional benefit for selling items in the game.

Furthermore, players can decide if they do not want to install produce stands near their houses. 

However, since the produce stands provide a certain amount of convenience to the players, we advise installing at least one near you. 

Furthermore, both the produce stand and the market stall share the same mechanics.

Thus, players do not need to micro-manage the stand and just place the items to sell. 

Hopefully, this article can guide you in understanding what the produce stand is and how to install it in Fae Farm. 

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