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Failed To Connect To Server Error In Project Sekai

Project Sekai is a musical game for iOS and Android devices where you tap the screen in time with the music.

Players report various error messages and problems in their Project Sekai app.

Project Sekai, a music game for iOS and Android, is grappling with connection issues, like “failed to connect to the server,” but recent updates from developers have resolved some problems, compensating users with free crystals.

In this article, we will discuss the “failed to connect to server” message in Project Sekai.

Is Project Sekai Down?

Project Sekai, an exciting musical gaming app, faces issues impacting user experience.

However, users report problems connecting to the server, preventing them from playing the game.

These connection problems occasionally cause disruptions, especially when starting the app.

Additionally, users have encountered problems like the app not launching properly and displaying error notifications.

The notifications are mostly “failed to connect to the server, please check your connection and try again”.

Users have also received error messages such as “Force Close” or “Unfortunately Project Sekai App has stopped.” 

failed to connect to server error
Users are getting this message on their screens.
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Causes For Failed To Connect To Server Error In Project Sekai

Here are some possible causes for the error message that is appearing in Project Sekai:

1. Internet Connection Problems

Unstable or slow internet can result in connection errors.

Ensure a stable and fast network connection, considering both data and Wi-Fi options.

2. Stuck on The Loading Screen

If the app gets stuck on the loading screen, it could be due to internet instability.

Switching between data and Wi-Fi or choosing a more stable network might resolve this issue.

3. Server Maintenance Or Internal Troubles

The app may experience temporary outages due to server maintenance or internal errors.

In such cases, users can only wait for the developers to resolve the issues.

4. Server Overload

Every server has a certain cap of users they can handle simultaneously.

If too many users are trying to access the game simultaneously, it can overload the servers, causing connection issues.

5. Outdated App

Developers often release updates to enhance app security and functionality.

Ensure you have the latest version from the official app store.

6. Mod Detection

Using modded versions of the app might lead to connection problems.

Developers often take strict actions against users with modified apps.

Recent Updates By The Developers

As of the latest update from developers, an error when transitioning from the application startup to the title screen has been resolved.

Moreover, users are compensated with 200 free crystals as an apology for the inconvenience. 

Some users reported additional occurrences of the issue, leading to a cumulative 300 free crystals as compensation.

It’s important to check the latest messages from developers for further updates on the status of the resolved issue.

compensation project sekai server
Project Sekai has compensated users with an additional 200 crystals.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, Project Sekai, the musical game, has been encountering disruptions due to reported server connection issues.

These problems, such as the “failed to connect to server” messages, have affected players’ ability to enjoy the game.

However, as of the most recent developer update on November 28, the issue during application startup has been resolved.

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