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Tax Evasion Glitch In Fallout 76: Troubleshooting Appalachia

In Fallout 76, there’s a quest called Tax Evasion, but unfortunately, players are facing a glitch during this quest.

However, the game developer, Bethesda, hasn’t officially acknowledged the glitch or provided any explanations or fixes.

In Fallout 76, you can try some fixes to prevent glitches in Tax Evasion, such as Quentino’s entrance, restarting the game, switching servers, verifying game files, or skipping the phase.

Please continue reading to learn more about the Tax Envasion glitch, its causes, and its fixes in Fallout 76.

Tax Evasion Glitch In Fallout 76

The Tax Evasion glitch involves players entering the Casino, and suddenly, characters are missing their clothes.

Terminals, doors, and other objects become entirely unresponsive.

They cannot even interact with anything or anyone in the game.

Therefore, some players report the glitch happening only in specific areas, while others experience it throughout the Casino.

While some find success by restarting the game or joining a different server, others encounter the glitch repeatedly.

Hence, you can also report the glitch to Bethesda in hopes that they will release a fix in the future.

Tax Evasion glitch
Tax Evasion glitch involves players entering the Casino.
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Causes Of Tax Evasion Glitch In Fallout 76

Fallout 76 regularly gets updates; glitches can occur if a new update doesn’t mesh well with the existing game.

Before a game update is released, developers do tests but can’t predict every player’s actions.

If a certain sequence of events isn’t tested thoroughly, it might lead to glitches.

The glitch can trigger game crashes or cause it to become unresponsive, resulting in lost progress and frustration.

If there’s a mistake in the game code, it can cause unexpected issues.

Fallout 76 is a big game with many interacting parts, and glitches can pop up if one part doesn’t communicate well with another.

Players often try various strategies and approaches.

Sometimes, these unexpected actions can trigger glitches the developers didn’t anticipate.

Likewise, the game might not get along well with the player’s device.

Corrupted files within the game’s data can cause various issues, including the inability to load essential elements or triggers for the quest.

 discussion about the glitch
Players’ discussion about the Tax Evasion glitch in Reddit.

Fixes Of Tax Evasion Glitch In Fallout 76

Here are some of the fixes to help you overcome this frustrating obstacle:

1. Quentino’s Entrance

Some players report success by entering the Casino through the door of Quentino’s Night Club instead of the main entrance.

This might trigger the quest elements correctly and bypass the glitch.

Creating a private world and attempting the Tax Evasion quest alone can sometimes prevent the glitch from occurring.

This suggests that server load or interaction with other players might be contributing factors.

Some players suggest focusing on Sal Sticky Fingers’ bonus objectives (Anti-Cheat Mainframe and Tampered Slot Machines).

In case you’re stuck in Phase B of the quest with the unresponsive Casino.

Completing these might trigger the quest to progress past the glitch.

2. Restart The Game

This simple solution can sometimes resolve temporary glitches and inconsistencies.

Try quitting the game entirely and restarting before returning to the Neapolitan Casino.

Moreover, joining a different server can sometimes load the game assets and triggers differently.

Consider trying multiple servers until you find one free of the issue.

Likewise, corrupted game files can cause various issues, including glitches.

Verifying the game files through your launcher can identify and fix any corrupted data.

The Bottom Line

The Tax Evasion glitch is a severe issue that can prevent players from enjoying the game.

By understanding the symptoms and impact of this glitch, players can be more informed and prepared to deal with it.

Therefore, players should report the tax evasion glitch to Bethesda through official channels to increase awareness.

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