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Can You Fast Travel In Lego Fortnite?

Many players are curious to know about the Fast Travel feature in Lego mode in Fortnite.

With the feature, players can save much time before heading to another location.

Fast Travel in numerous bits helps assist players to teleport between different maps and locations by unlocking via progressing.

Continue reading about Fast Travel and the process of using the feature in Lego Fortnite.

Fast Travel In Lego Fortnite

Many games offer a Fast Travel feature to save players time to focus on their build and execute tasks faster.

Players can pin the location in the Map by unlocking the feature or exploring new areas.

Similarly, in Fortnite’s new open-world mode, Fast Travel would do wonders.

Players can collect the loot, defeat enemies, and play in their preferred climate increasing their survival chances.

However, they cannot find the Teleport or Fast Travel feature due to criteria; but it does not exist in the mode.

Hence, players must find an alternative to explore their map and collect the loot.

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Fast Travel Alternative In Lego Fortnite

Fast Travel can come in handy when players explore the map, but as the option is missing players can use a transport system.

Hence, players can follow the given procedure to have a time advantage by using the given items.

1. Glider

The glider is one of the transport mechanisms players can use to travel faster while collecting the loot.

The item is craftable in the Craft Workbench; however, players must progress through and unlock the Dry Valley.

In the Dry Valley Biome, players need a Level 3 axe, which players can upgrade from the Amber.

Initially, players need to head to the Desert with an uncommon pickaxe and serah for Rough Amber to level up the axe.

Further, players should use the Axe to extract the needed ingredients from the Cactus.

Players must have eight flex wood rods, four wool fabric and six silk fabric.

glider fast travel lego fortnite
Use the Crafting Recipes to build the glider.

Building the rare tool: The Glider can be tricky considering the items are not easy to extract.

However, players can find the Flexwood Rod from the Desert in Lego Fortnite.

2. Loom 

The another transport to build in the Crafting bench is a Loom.

To build the Loom players will need the following ingredients: nine Flexwood, eight Flexwood rods, and six sand claws.

3. Large Thruster

The Large Thruster combines well with any existing structures and dynamic objects, to move the car.

Players should craft the item with three wooden rods, two blast powders, and a torch.

The Bottom Line

Fast Travel is yet to feature in the Lego mode in Fortnite, and unsurprisingly many fans are not happy.

As a result, players are forced to invest time just by walking or using any means of transportation.

Hopefully, Epic Games will hear the player’s queries and come up with the feature in the next hotfix.

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