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The Best And Fastest Flying Mount In Palworld: Speed Adventures

In Palworld, players turn their collected Pals into mounts for efficient and diverse exploration.

Each Pal is a unique mount, offering speed and safety through riding, swimming, flying, or gliding. 

When navigating the vast lands of Palworld, the strategic selection of your mount is crucial for success. Regarding sheer speed, Jetragon is the fastest mount that outsmokes the competition.

Continue reading to know the fastest mount in Palworld.

Which Is The Fastest Flying Mount In Palworld?

In Palworld, where you discover many legendary Pals during your map explorations, capturing them can be quite tricky.

The Jetragon
Jetragon is a Legendary and one of the best Pals you can get in Palworld.

Among these legendary creatures is the Jetragon, a formidable dragon with fiery lava abilities that also doubles as a challenging boss.

When taming this legendary beast, you’re getting a fast mount and conquering a tough pal in Palworld.

The Jetragon is a Pal with the Aerial Missile Partner Skill and belongs to the Dragon Element type.

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How To Get Jetragon In Palworld?

Getting a mount in Palworld is a fast way to zip around the map, discover new places, and catch Pals you haven’t found yet.

There are many mounts to collect, and when you ride them, you can use their combat skills in battles.

Likewise, to acquire Jetragon in Palworld follow these steps:

1. Jetragon Location

Visit Mount Obsidian to locate Jetragon in the southwestern lava region.

Mount Obsidian
The Location to find Jetragon is Mount Obsidian.

Whereas heat-resistant armor is essential for survival in this hot atmosphere out there.

Fast travel to the Beach of Everlasting Summer, the closest point to Jetragon’s spawn.

2. Jetragon (Dragon-Type) Weakness

Jetragon, a Dragon-type Pal, resides in Mount Obsidian and is weak against Ice-type Pals.

Prepare a powerful team, including Ice-type Pals like Chillet, Vanwyrm Cryst, Ice Reptyro, Wumpo, and Frostallion.

Likewise, gearing up with another dragon-type Pal, such as Orserk, Jormuntide, Quivern, or Azurobe, is a strategic move.

3. Assault Rifle Strategy

Use an Assault Rifle (unlocked at Technology Level 45) for distant attacks.

Moreover, use a craft with ample Assault Rifle Ammo to face powerful bosses effectively.

Position yourself on a vantage point, shoot the boss to draw it away, and repeat the process to weaken Jetragon before the main fight.

4. Legendary Sphere Capture

To capture a formidable Pal like Jetragon, utilize a Legendary Sphere at Technology Level 44.

As boss fights intensify at level 50 with two bosses, ensure your Pals are well-leveled and equipped before tackling higher-level encounters.

Additional Best Mount Pals in Palworld

The unique skills and elements of each mount to conquer Palworld’s diverse challenges.

Likewise, enhance your gameplay with these exceptional Pal companions:

1. Chillet: Potent Ice And Dragon Attacks

The Chillet, although not the fastest, excels with its Dragon and Ice attacks.

You can discover a level 11 Chillet Alpha Pal in the Windswept Hills

Likewise, you can upgrade it, and craft a saddle for both transportation and combat.

2. Vanwyrm: Aerial Offensive Support

The transition from the Nitewing to the Vanwyrm for exceptional aerial support.

This mount efficiently transports you across the map, conquering with Fire and Dark elements

Furthermore, you can navigate the Bamboo Groves to acquire the Vanwyrm.

3. Surfent: Aquatic Adventures with Dragon Cannon

Embark on aquatic adventures with the Surfent, a Nessie-like creature that effortlessly crosses the water.

It packs heavy firepower with a Dragon Cannon and Hydro Jet attack.

Likewise, it is perfect for exploring distant continents, found west of the Sealed Realm of the Swordmaster waypoint.

The Bottom Line

In Palworld, turning collected Pals into mounts is vital for efficient exploration.

Where, Jetragon stands out as the fastest, combining fiery prowess with challenging boss battles.

However, each Pal offers a unique mount experience, providing speed and safety to your desired gameplay.

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