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A Guide To Ravagers Lair In Remnant 2

Ravagers Lair is the location in Remnant 2, located in Yaesha Region, and it is the home to the Corrupted Ravager boss.

The Ravagers Lair is a large, open area with various enemies and traps, making it a dangerous place to explore. Players need to make two choices to kill the Doe or revive it, which leads to different conclusions and rewards according to the choices.

Please continue reading to explore more with the help of a guide to Ravagers Lair and the events that take place in Ravagers Lair.

What Is Ravager Lair?

Ravager Lair in Remnant 2 is an area that returned from the predecessor Remnant: From the Ashes and one of the several worlds you can visit while playing.

In addition, Ravager Lair is an area where players have to face the Ravager and choose how to fight it.

Ravager Lair In Remnant 2
Players are given the option to either kill or revive the Doe.

Ravager is a vast, bipedal creature with a long tail and sharp claw.

The powerful boss uses multiple attacks, including melee, ranged, and area-of-effect attacks.

Moreover, defeating Corrupted Ravager is not an easy task; players need to use a combination of ranged and melee attacks.

Furthermore,  players can also use the environment as an advantage.

The Ravager’s Lair is significant and filled with various pillars and rocks, so players can use those obstacles to block the Corrupted Ravager’s attack.

Moreover, players must solve the Harp Puzzle in the Forbidden Grove area to get to the Ravager Lair.

What Can You Find In Ravager Lair In Remnant 2?

Players can find many weapons,  bosses, and enemies within the Ravager Lair.

In addition, players can find various items and relics, including Ravager’s Mark, Ravager’s Maw,’ and Ravager’s Armor.

Furthermore, these items are provided to the player as a reward according to their choices while fighting the boss.

Players can find a variety of puzzles to solve in this lair, including water and plant puzzles.

The water puzzle involves using the water to activate switches to open the doors.

To solve it, players need to find the source of the water and direct it to the current location.

Encounter With Ravager In Remnant 2

As you enter the Ravager’s Lair, players encounter the world boss; they meet the Corrupted Ravager and a wounded Doe.

Furthermore, they are challenged to choose between slaying the deer or going toe-to-toe with the ravenous beast.

The player’s choice in Remnant 2 significantly affects the implication over the balance of Yaesha.

However, it has more impact on the rewards a player can earn for their choices.

Here is the choice they can make, possible outcome and rewards:

1. Kill The Doe

This choice to kill the Doe will see a quick end to the quest, making a more accessible choice among others.

As the player brings the life of the do to a swift end, the Ravager will reward players with the Ravager’s Mark, a strange object used to open another world’s door.

2. Revive The Doe

If you revive the Doe, the Ravager will be angry and initiate the fight.

As you defeat the Ravager, you will be rewarded with the Doe’s Antler, which can be crafted into Red Doe Staff by visiting McCabe in Ward 13.

There are two other possible choices: players shoot the Ravager and kill the Doe in the mid-fight, which gives Ravager’s Maw.

Finally, shoot the Ravage and let it eat the Doe in mid-fight which will drop the Crimson Membrane.

Note: You will not receive the reward if you die or kill the Doe during the fight before it is eaten.

 The Bottom Line 

The Ravagers Lair is a challenging location but rewarding location in Remnant and players will face a constant stream of decisions to make.

However, some influence the game’s environment more, such as choices made in Ravager Lair.

Therefore, if you are looking for a challenging boss fight, visit the Ravager Lair.

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