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Troubleshooting The DLSS Greyed Out Option In Palworld

In Palworld, some players have encountered a mysterious issue where the DLSS option appears greyed out in the game’s settings.

Moreover, this prevents them from utilizing this visual enhancement.

To address the DLSS greyed-out issue in Palworld, users can troubleshoot by ensuring they have the latest game version, updating graphics drivers, and confirming DLSS compatibility. Moreover, they can also activate the feature manually in the game settings, potentially resolving the greyed-out problem and enhancing their gaming experience.

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DLSS Greyed Out In Palworld

Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) is an advanced technology developed by Nvidia.

It reconstructs lower-resolution images into higher-resolution ones, resulting in sharper visuals while maintaining smooth gameplay.

It is especially valuable for players with Nvidia RTX GPUs.

However, the greyed-out DLSS option in Palworld has left some players puzzled, as they are unable to activate this feature.

Several factors may contribute to this problem, and understanding them is crucial for finding effective solutions.

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Causes Of DLSS Greyed Out In Palworld

Players using different platforms, such as Steam and Game Pass, may experience a DLSS greyed-out issue.

The versions available on these platforms might not be in sync, leading to varied feature availability.

Likewise, outdated graphics drivers can contribute to the DLSS option being greyed out.

Palworld supports DLSS 2, a refined image enhancement technology.

However, the compatibility of DLSS may vary depending on the Nvidia GPU series.

Users must confirm that their graphics card supports DLSS and, if applicable, avoid attempting to use DLSS 3.

activate DLSS in game settings
Users must activate DLSS in the game settings.

Furthermore, users accessing Palworld through Xbox Game Pass might encounter a delay in receiving updates compared to Steam users.

DLSS might remain greyed out if users have not activated it in the game settings.

Technical issues or bugs within the game software can also lead to the DLSS option not working.

Developers continually work to identify and resolve such issues through updates and patches.

How To Get DLSS Greyed Out Working?

Here are some of the steps to troubleshoot and enable DLSS if you’re encountering the greyed-out issue:

1. Game Version Verification

Dissimilarities in versions can lead to feature inconsistencies.

Ensure that you are running the latest version of Palworld on your chosen gaming platform, be it Steam or Game Pass.

However, some players overlook the manual activation of DLSS.

If you locate the DLSS option in the settings, ensure it is set to ‘On‘ or the desired quality setting (e.g., Quality, Balanced, or Performance).

2. Graphics Driver Update

Make sure to keep your graphics drivers up to date.

Visit the official Nvidia website or use the GeForce Experience app to download and install the latest drivers compatible with Palworld.

Additionally, open Palworld and navigate to the game’s Graphics settings.

Look specifically for the DLSS option within this menu.

It might be under a dedicated section related to visual enhancements or graphics optimization.

use the GeForce Experience app
You can use the GeForce Experience app to download the latest drivers compatible.

3. Confirm DLSS Compatibility

Verify that your graphics card supports DLSS. Palworld utilizes DLSS 2, and it is compatible with a range of Nvidia GPUs.

It’s essential to check the specific compatibility of your graphics card.

If you are using the Game Pass version of Palworld, be aware of potential delays in updates compared to the Steam version.

Certain features, including DLSS, might not be immediately available due to differing release schedules.

4. Restart The Game

After making changes to the DLSS settings, you can restart Palworld.

This can sometimes prompt the game to apply the modifications correctly and reflect the changes in the DLSS feature.

Moreover, stay informed about updates released by the Palworld developers.

Therefore, updates often include bug fixes and optimizations.

The Bottom Line

You can attribute the DLSS greyed-out issue to factors such as version differences, graphics driver compatibility, and GPU-specific limitations.

Players facing this difficulty should stay informed about updates, verify their GPU’s DLSS, and ensure they are using the latest drivers.

Hence, keep an eye on official announcements, patch notes, or community forums for any information regarding DLSS improvements.

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