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Fenglope Not Spawning In Palworld: Here’s What To Do

Palworld is an adventure game where players embark on an exciting journey of exploration and crafting.

However, recently players have been facing challenges as Fenglope is not spawning.

Fenglope is an intriguing Neutral-type Pal that players can encounter in the realm of Palworld.

Continue to read to learn about why Fenglope is not spawning in Palworld.

Who Is Fenglope In Palworld?

Fenglope is a Pal with light blue fur, black markings, large antlers, and cloud-shaped white fur.

The Fenglope boss fight can be puzzling, not due to difficulty but because it seems to be missing when approached.

Similarly, it left the gamers scratching their heads, creating confusion that may be mistaken for a glitch or bug.

It is a powerful Pal in Palworld, known for its elusive nature and impressive speed.

However, the Fenglope is intentionally concealed underground, adding a hidden challenge to the game.

To successfully locate and engage with this boss, players should explore a hidden mineshaft behind a waterfall north of the central map circle.

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How To Find Fenglope In Palworld?

Located in the Falls Mineshaft in the forest region, Fenglope offers an extra layer of adventure by lurking underground.

Fenglope may appear on the map, but players are often directed to a Syndicate camp instead.

Location of Fenglope on Map.
Players can find Fenglope in the Falls Mineshaft in the forest region around the map in Palworld.

However, navigating the entrance can be a little tricky, which is located near a waterfall north of the map’s circle.

It is hidden within the waterfall, players must navigate through a mineshaft entrance to encounter the elusive Alpha Fenglope.

To increase the chances of capturing a level 25 Fenglope, players should prepare with suitable weapons and high-tier Pal Spheres.

Furthermore, Fenglope is regarded as one of the best Pal Mounts for its speed and double jump ability in Palworld.

Why Is Fenglope Boss Not Spawning?

Players of Palworld are encountering issues with the Fenglope not spawning.

This odd situation stems from the boss concealing itself underground, perplexing players attempting to initiate the battle.

Similarly, approaching the designated map area might lead you to a Syndicate camp instead, contributing to the puzzle.

To address this, head north of the map’s central circle to find a waterfall.

Moreover, go through this secret path to finally meet the hard-to-find Fenglope Alpha Boss on the opposite end.

How To Obtain Fenglope In Palworld?

If Fenglope is not spawning in Palworld, explore north of the central circle on the map and find a concealed mineshaft entrance behind a waterfall.

Traverse through the hidden passage to unveil the elusive Fenglope Alpha Boss, allowing you to proceed with the boss fight successfully.

Moreover, to acquire the Fenglope in Palworld, players can follow these steps:

1. Locate Fenglope

Players can find Fenglope in various locations around the Palworld map.

Explore different areas, such as the forest region, to encounter Fenglope.

2. Level Up

Fenglope may appear in different regions as players level up.

So, players must keep progressing in the game to increase their chances of encountering Fenglope.

3. Prepare For Battle

Fenglope is a formidable opponent, so ensure you have suitable weapons.

Likewise, equip high-tier Pal Spheres to increase your chances of capturing it.

4. Engage In Combat

Once you find Fenglope, engage in combat with the Pal.

Further, use your weapons and tactics to weaken it for a successful capture.

5. Capture Fenglope

Furthermore, after defeating Fenglope, use Pal Spheres to capture and add it to your collection.

It allows you to summon it to your base and assign the tasks within its work suitability.

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