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MK1 Festival Key: Unlock New Gateway

Mortal Kombat has special events that can make players more invested.

Sun-Do festival, an event celebrating Chinese New Year, offers many mini-games, challenges, and rewards.

The Festival Key is essential to unlock the gateway to a new area within the game. You can find it on Never Ends Tower, but you must complete the challenges of defeating all other opponents.

Continue reading to explore Festival Key and ways to find it in Mortal Kombat 1.

What Is the Sun-Do Festival In MK1?

The Sun-Do festival is a unique event celebrating the Chinese New Year in Mortal Kombat 1.

You must enter Fenjiang village and the portal to attend the Sun-Do festival.

It’s like a virtual celebration where players participate in mini-games, complete challenges, and earn rewards.

The hunt for the Festival Key, which unlocks secret pathways within the festival, is one of the most popular activities.

Sun-Do Festival in Mortal Kombat 1

What Is Festival Key MK1?

The Festival Key is a particular item in Sun-Do Festival that unlocks hidden treasures and secret pathways within the game.

To gain the key, you must explore the Sun-Do festival, complete festival challenges and mini-games, and interact with NPCs.

Once the key is found, it can unlock rear gear, exclusive cosmetics, and even new characters.

It is a one-time-use item; it is no longer needed after unlocking the pathway.

Festival Key is a personal achievement that cannot be traded with others.

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Where To Find The Festival Key In MK1?

You can find the Festival Key in Mortal Kombat 1 with the following steps:

1. Never Ends Tower

Enter the Never Ends Tower to find the Festival Key.

This Tower is located near a giant statue, a tree, and a building with an A-shaped roof.

enter the never ends tower
Enter the never-end Tower.

2. Fight Various Opponents

In four different stages, you will need to fight four different opponents.

never-ends tower challenges
Never-ends tower challenge where you will have to defeat all four opponents.
StagesOpponentsKameo Fatilities
FirstFlash Flood Sektor
ThirdBedlam BruteJax
FourthBrumous WarriorDarrus

3. Test You Might

Four stages include Test Your Might (TYM), just above the third stage.

Failing this test will slash your character into two halves.

You can retry the test in case you fail it.

test your might
Test Your Might in Mortal Kombat 1

4. Festival Key

Once you complete the Tower, you will earn some rewards:

  • Festival Key
  • Dark Fists Talisman
  • 100 Seasonal Koins
  • 100 Koins
  • 100 Krowns

You can then unlock a gate located in front of the giant statue.

You will earn the Festival Key as a reward.

If you are stuck and cannot find the Festival key, try searching online; many players have found the key and shared their tricks.

The Bottom Line

The Festival key is a key that unlocks hidden treasures in the Sun-Do Festival in MK1.

To find the festival key, players must explore, complete challenges, interact with NPCs, and team up with other players.

With the Festival key, you can unlock a new pathway and exclusive items, characters, and cosmetics in the game.

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