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How To Unlock Lunar Mask In GTA 5?

One of the upcoming items that has been leaked is the “Lunar Mask” in GTA 5, creating buzz all over the internet.

However, players may have to wait for quite a while until the cosmetics are officially released.

The new GTA 5 Lunar Mask is set to release during the Chinese New Year according to the leaked statements. Some of the Lunar Masks are the Midnight Dragon Mask, Regal Dragon Mask, Contrast Dragon Mask, and Wooden Dragon Mask.
Continue reading to learn more about the Lunar Mask in GTA 5.

An Overview Of GTA 5 Lunar Mask

Some information has been leaked suggesting that new Lunar masks are coming in GTA 5 during the Lunar New Year.

However, in the ever-expanding world of Grand Theft Auto, a mysterious addition has captured the attention of keen gamers.

Masks associated with the Chinese New Year.
The Dragon Masks have not been released yet; they might be in GTA 5 from February during the Lunar New Year Event.

The leak suggests that the Rockstar Games will celebrate this year’s Lunar Year by giving new Dragon Masks as a reward.

Hence, these Lunar Masks will be available on all platforms, including PS, Xbox, and PC in GTA 5 Online.

However, till now there is no information regarding the methods to unlock this Dragon mask by Rockstar.

There is the possibility that players can get this mask by logging into the game, and it will only be available from February 2024.

Types Of GTA 5 Lunar Mask

The addition of Lunar Mask Clothing in GTA 5 leaks has united the gaming community in hope and excitement.

Thus, here are some of the celestial-themed accessory, masks that will be in GTA 5 soon.

1. Midnight Dragon Mask

One of the dragon masks coming up at GTA 5 on the occasion of Chinese New Year is the Midnight Dragon Mask.

The designer has made this dragon mask using two vibrant colours, i.e., purple and blue.

2. Regal Dragon Mask

Another upcoming Lunar Mask is the Regal Dragon Mask which looks majestic with a touch of gold and silver color.

Hence, celebrate this Lunar New Year with the Regal Dragon Mask and showcase your unique style. 

 Regal Dragon lunar Mask in GTA 5
Celebrate the lunar year with Regal Dragon Mask in GTA 5.

3. Contrast Dragon Mask

In GTA 5, the Contrast Dragon mask has a unique design with a blue, orange, and yellow colour.

However, players can express their individuality by selecting this mask, creating a visual representation of their virtual persona.

4. Wooden Dragon Mask

As the name suggests, this lunar mask looks like it is made of wood, which is matchable for all kinds of outsits.

Moreover, this Wooden Dragon Mask design encapsulates the essence of dragons, combining earthy tones.

Upcoming GTA 5 Wooden Dragon Mask
Players can unlock the Wooden Dragon Mask in the Lunar event.

The Bottom Line

GTA often releases exciting updates for various festivals and occasions, including the Lunar Mask.

However, the developers have not confirmed the release of this item nor provided any hints.

Hopefully, all the Dragon Masks will launch after the New Year update of 2024 during the time of the Chinese New Year.

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