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Palworld Pals Not Mining: How To Get Them Mine Ore?

Mining in Palworld refers to collecting resources through pals rather than manually picking them yourself.

Pals Mining depends upon their mining level and another extra skill level for collecting the resources.

To get Pals to mine Ores in Palworld, you need to hit the Mining level of Pals up to a minimum of 2. Only then you will have access to choose an option for the collection of Ore.

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What Is Pals Mining In Palworld?

Players can capture animal-like creatures called Pals and use them based on their skills in Palworld.

There are a number of Pals known for their skill and ability. Hence, pals with mining abilities are known as mining Pals.

Pals Mining likely involves extracting or collecting resources like stones and Ores within the game.

Moreover, there are various Pals in the game that players can utilize for the Mining skill.

Best Pals For Mining In Palworld
Mining Pals extracting stones and ores in the game.

Captiva is known to be the basic early-game miner who can mine a good amount of stone for you.

However, it’s the weakest miner with level 1 and cannot mine other resources rather than stones.

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Types Of Miner Pals In Palworld

In the world of Palworld, many pals are capable and known for their skills, levels, and rarity in the game.

Moreover, mining pals are those who have mining skills included in their skill set and are capable of mining.

Having a good skill makes the work much easier for players as they can collect resources without hard work.

You can collect these types of Pals for Mining in Palworld.

1. Single Focus Mining Pal

Astegon is a Pal known for its skill of mining a single resource with an efficient and less time of collection.

Having mining level 4 it is capable of mining more resources just than stones.

2. Multiple Work Suitability Mining Pal

Anubis is the best multitasking Mining Pal because it has Transporting Level 2, allowing it to transport resources it mines.

It also has Handiwork Level 4, letting it quickly finish any crafting or building tasks that need to be done.

3. Best Early Game Mining Work Suitability Pal

Cattiva is the best early-game Mining Pal since it has the combination of Mining and Transporting,

It can automatically transport whatever resources it mines to your storage or inventory.

4. Mining Level 2 Pals

These pals are capable of Mining Ores rather than just stones in Palworld.

Further, here is the list of Lv. 2 Pals in Palworld:

  1. Parking
  2. Dumud
  3. Tombat
  4. Mammorest
  5. Mammorest Cryst
  6. Quivern
  7. Paladius
  8. Necromus

Ways To Get Pals Mine Ore In Palworld

Each Pal in Palworld may possess specific abilities tailored for mining according to their level and skill.

Therefore, it’s necessary to understand that the beginner-leveled or 1-leveled Pals cannot extract Ores.

Hence, there are 2 ways to get Ore Mining Pals in Palworld. They are:

  • By Upgrading your Pal’s mining skill to Level 2
  • By exploring and capturing Pals with a High level of Mining skill

Make sure to choose Ore in the option as when you level your Pal, you can choose them to mine stones or Ore.

The Bottom Line

Pals Mining in Palworld adds an exciting dimension to the gameplay with efficiency and less hard work in collecting Ores.

Hence, if you want to obtain Ores without any hardworks, make sure to have your Pal to level 2 and choose Ore in Mining Option.

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