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Fiend Intel 3 In FF7 Rebirth: Keepers Of The Burrow

In FF7 Rebirth, players must complete Fiend Intel 3 by overcoming Rabit Monsters.

When players complete the Voracious and Venomous and Bearer of Grudges, they get Keepers of the Burrow.

The recommended level for Fiend Intel 1 is level 17 but the recommended level for Fiend Intel 2 and 3 is level 18.

Continue reading to learn more about the Fiend Intel 3 in FF7 Rebirth.

Location Of Fiend Intel 3: Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

In Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, the name of the Fiend Intel 3 is the Keepers of the Burrow.

Players must travel to the Grassland and navigate the map to locate the Fiend Intel 3.

You can go to the Fiend Intel 3 by looking at the pinpointed location on the map below.

Fiend Intel 3 FF7 rebirth location
Go to the location as shown on the map in Grasslands to complete Fiend Intel 3 in FF7 Rebirth.

The Fiend Intel 3 is near the Abandoned Dock but far below the Kalm on the world map.

Once you gather and accumulate the regional data and intel, you can go to the Fiend Intel 3 in the game.

As you reach the location of the Fiend Intel 3, you will get the name of the Intel 3 which is Keepers of the Burrow.

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Objectives In Fiend Intel 3: FF7 Rebirth

In Fiend Intel 3: Keepers of the Burrow, players must complete various tasks and challenges to complete it.

As players ride their mount and go to the location of Fiend Intel 3, they will encounter rabbit monster enemies.

So the first objective to complete the Fiend Intel 3: Keepers of the Burrow is to defeat all the enemies nearby.

The second objective to complete the Fiend Intel 3 is to pressure both fire and ice-imbued enemies.

Similarly, the third objective is to stagger one of three MU variants during the battle.

The fourth objective is to defeat all enemies within the time limit.

Hence, players must kill all three MU variants within a given set of time limits to complete Keepers of the Burrow.

Complete Fiend Intel 3: FF7 Rebirth

There are three monsters Mi A, Mi B and Mi C that you must defeat to complete the Fiend Intel 3.

Mi A, Mi B and Mi C are rare MU variants that are tasked with guarding the species’ tunnel.

These MU keep an extra watchful eye on those that connect to dangerous areas containing magma or glaciers.

As you get into the monster territory, you must begin the battle and start attacking the monsters.

MAI will notify you about the monsters by commencing guideline protocols.

Complete Fiend Intel 3 in FF7 rebirth
Players must defeat all three Mi and complete all objectives before the time limit to complete Fiend Intel 3 in FF7 Rebirth.

The monsters are the rare MU variants and the ever-vigilant Mu with an incredible memory.

This means they will track you down to exact revenge once you have trespassed on their territory.

The Mu also has a massive underground network through which they exchange information on food sources and predators.

So players must not be deceived by their adorably twitchy tails and unharming demeanour.

How To Defeat All Mi In Fiend Intel 3?

If you exploit the Mu variant’s elemental weakness or hit them with powerful attacks, they will flinch and drive out from their burrow.

Players can use Howling Slash from their Synergy skills to attack the Mu variants.

All three Mi have resistance to sword attacks, lightning attacks, water attacks and wind attacks.

Defeat all Mi in Fiend intel 3
Players must use fire attacks to defeat all the Mu Variants in FF7 Rebirth.

This means there is no Derimental Status Effect of these attacks on Mi and will be useless in damaging their Hp.

But the weakness of Mi A, Mi B and Mi C is fire attack so this means you can defeat them using your fire attacks.

1. Use Fire Spell Abilities To Defeat All Mi

Players must use their fire spell abilities to defeat Mi A and Mi C.

To defeat Mi B, players must use their Blizzard spells abilities to finish off Mi B before the time limit.

Similarly, after staggering Mi C, players can use Blizzard spells to finish off Mi C.

2. Rewards For Completing Keepers of the Burrow

When you defeat Mu variants before the timer sets off, you will get 25 EXP, 1 Ap, 31 Gil and a prog of sage as your reward.

After all three Mu variants are defeated before the time limit, Fiend Intel 3: Keepers of the Burrow will be completed.

Players will obtain a beast pelt and receive 10 data points for the grassland.

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