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FF7 Rebirth Fort Condor Stage 4: Earn Junon Protorelic

In FF7 Rebirth, Stage 4 of the Fort Condor battle offers the most challenges to players among the other stages in this mini-game.

Players have to navigate through intricate terrain by confronting enemies and strategically deploying their forces for victory.

However, Stage 4 demands precise tactics, adaptability, and unwavering determination to emerge triumphant.

Continue reading about Fort Condor Stage 4 in FF7 Rebirth to learn how to complete it.

What Are The Fort Condor Stages In FF7?

In FF7 Rebirth, Fort Condor is a mini-game that offers players strategic battles to conquer.

Likewise, this mini-game unfolds in four different stages, each presenting unique challenges and objectives for players.

Meanwhile, the difficulty increases as players progress through each stage in the Fort Condor of FF7 Rebirth.

Fort Condor In FF7 Rebirth
Emerging victorious in each stage of the battle is crucial to secure the Junon Protorelic.

Further, players are required to adapt their strategies and utilize their resources wisely to defend their base against the enemy.

Similarly, here’s a breakdown of what to expect in each stage:

1. Stage 1: Introduction

In this stage, players encounter basic enemy units such as Vanguards, Ranged, and Defense in manageable numbers.

The boss unit offers a gentler introduction by allowing players to familiarize themselves with troop deployments and Hero Units.

The primary objective is to grasp the fundamental workings of Fort Condor and adeptly manage the ATB gauge.

2. Stage 2: Escalating Complexity

In stage 2, the enemy composition expands to include a wider variety of unit types, featuring upgraded versions or new foes.

The boss unit presents a tougher challenge, demanding more focused troop deployments and Hero Unit utilization.

Similarly, players must experiment with different formations and adapt strategies to counter the evolving threats.

3. Stage 3: Heightened Challenge

In stage 3, the enemy adopts a more aggressive approach by unleashing overwhelming numbers or powerful unit combinations.

Likewise, the boss unit emerges as a formidable opponent, boasting significant health and employing unique attacks.

Further, players must adopt a more offensive stance by leveraging trebuchets strategically and countering enemy advances.

4. Stage 4: Ultimate Test of Prowess

Stage 4 confronts players with relentless enemy waves comprising unique unit combinations and strategic deployments.

Similarly, the boss unit possesses formidable health and potentially shifting weaknesses.

However, to emerge victorious, players must prioritize base defense and adapt strategies dynamically to counter the new challenges.

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How To Complete Fort Condor Stage 4 In FF7 Rebirth?

To complete Stage 4 of Fort Condor in FF7 Rebirth, players must showcase their strategic prowess and overcome the odds to emerge triumphant.

Similarly, players can earn the Junon Protorelic by completing the Fort Condor stage 4 in FF7.

Complete the Fort Condor in FF7 Rebirth
Consider using formations with unlimited troop deployments for unit combinations and refine your strategic decision-making.

Further, here’s a step-by-step guide on how players can achieve victory in stage 4:

1. Assess Enemy Composition

Players should carefully analyze the enemy waves and their unit combinations.

Likewise, it helps to identify any unique or powerful adversaries that may pose a significant threat to their base.

2. Prioritize Base Defense

Players must deploy a mix of Vanguards and Enforcers strategically to hold the front lines and prevent enemy breakthroughs.

Defend Your Base In Fort Condor Stage 4
Players should give the top priority to defending their base in Fort Condor stage 4.

Further, using ballistas or trebuchets near base entrances can create choke points and slow down enemy advances.

3. Leverage Trebuchets

Players can strategically utilize trebuchets to bombard the boss and weaken it significantly before committing their troops.

Similarly, protecting trebuchets by deploying Vanguards or Enforcers nearby is essential to prevent enemy destruction.

4. Adapt Troop Deployments

Players should adjust the Troop deployments on the enemy composition.

Likewise, players must deploy units that counter enemy types effectively, adhering to the rock-paper-scissors dynamic.

5. Utilize Cleric Support

Clerics play a crucial role in providing healing support to troops and offering additional ranged attacks to chip away at enemy health.

Moreover, players should deploy them strategically to maximize their effectiveness.

6. Deploy Hero Units Strategically

Hero Units such as Cloud and Barret should be deployed strategically at crucial moments to turn the tide of battle.

Similarly, by utilizing Cloud’s defensive capabilities and Barret’s ranged attacks players can deal significant damage to the boss.

7. Monitor Boss Weaknesses

Keeping an eye on the boss’s weaknesses is vital, especially on Hard difficulty where they may change throughout the battle.

Furthermore, players must adjust their strategies accordingly and deploy Hero Units to exploit the boss’s vulnerabilities.

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