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Helldivers 2 Acquisitions Not Working: Unclickable Bug

In Helldivers 2, players are facing the problem of not being able to access their in-game currency due to the Acquisitions Tab not working.

When players earn the in-game currency it goes into their acquisition tab and the problem is players cannot access the tab.

This completely stops players from getting rewards, new gears and upgrades which hampers the gaming experience.

Continue reading to find out more about acquisitions not working and the reason behind it in Helldivers 2.

Glitches And Bugs In Helldivers 2

Recently, many players have reported that they face glitches and bugs during gameplay.

Some players report the physical glitches, while others report the money glitches.

Helldivers 2 acquisition tab not working
Helldivers 2 is lately facing issues like the acquisition tab not working, medals not showing up in the profile, and physical and money glitches.

While the Helldivers community was speculating and analyzing these glitches, they encountered a new problem.

Apart from physical and money glitches, players are encountering glitches, especially with acquisitions and progression.

Acquisitions Tab Not Working In Helldivers 2

The frustrating glitch in Helldivers 2 that is aggregating players is the acquisition tab not working properly.

Furthermore, players are reporting issues with their acquisitions not working as they should.

This glitch does not allow players to use the in-game currency they have earned rightfully.

Even if players have enough money, they can’t click on the acquisitions tab.

Players can neither purchase items they require or want for the game due to the acquisition tab not working properly.

This means they can’t unlock new gear or upgrades which significantly hampers their gameplay experience.

Loss Of Medals And Progression

Another frustrating glitch players are facing is especially for acquisitions like the medal in the game.

When players complete the challenging and hard missions by battling with aliens and bugs, they earn medals.

Each mission in Helldivers 2 has a medal like gold, silver, platinum and bronze.

For instance, If you complete the Stalking is Illegal achievements in Helldivers 2, you will get a Bronze medal as a reward.

However, the Acquisition and Progression glitch in Helldivers 2 does not show the medals in the player’s profile.

Players profile and acquisition in Helldivers 2
Due to the glitches, the acquisitions and medals that players earn are not showing up in their profiles.

Even though players complete the mission in the right way and earn the medal it does not show up in their profile.

This means all their hard work and progression are not even being acknowledged due to the glitch.

Players are not able to demonstrate how skilled they are or what have they achieved so far in the game.

Despite completing missions successfully, players’ progression and acquisitions seem to vanish into thin air.

Why Is The Acquisitions Tab Not Working In Helldivers 2?

Players are very upset about losing progress and rewards they worked hard for and that they’ve rightfully earned.

Some are annoyed by the fact that they cannot access essential features like acquisitions.

This is a very serious problem in Helldivers 2 as it completely impacts the player’s ability to progress in the game.

Lately, the glitches in Helldivers 2 are making players let down while they are hoping for a smoother experience.

They’re wondering why these problems are popping up right after the game came out.

1. High Influx Of Players

To see it from a positive perspective, Helldivers 2 facing glitches and bugs lately is something expected.

This is because Helldivers 2 got way more popular in a short period.

Many players joined Helldivers 2 and started to become a part of it since its release.

Maybe Helldivers 2 got way more players than expected, and the game’s servers can’t handle it all.

Due to many players joining in, the Helldivers 2 has the chance of facing server congestion.

The game’s servers might be struggling to handle the influx of players which is why the data are not syncing properly.

Sometimes, network-related problems also lead to glitches in the game.

The acquisition tab not working can be the result of your unstable network.

Otherwise, it can also be the result of the game’s server being down for maintenance.

Network issues or server issues can mess with how data gets sent and cause problems with the game itself.

3. Helldivers 2 Developer’s Response 

The good news is the Helldivers 2 developers are aware of the problems and are taking steps to address them.

They’re planning to fix server issues by doing maintenance and adding more servers.

Hence, both developers and players are hoping these actions will make the game run smoothly again for everyone.

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