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Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth: Search For Protorelic Clues Quest Guide

In FF7 Rebirth, players must search for Protorelic Clues to obtain the Materia Completionist trophy by crafting all materia.

However, to search for the Protorelic clues, players must travel into 7 different regions and complete 4 phenomena in each region.

Completing all four Phenomena will grant players the Protorelic’s Phenomena of that particular region in FF7 Rebirth.

Hence, the seven regions are Grasslands, Junon, Corel, Gongaga, Cosmo Canyon, Nibel and Meridian Ocean.

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Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth: Search For Protorelic Clues Grassland Guide

Players must complete four Protorelic’s Phenomenon to obtain the Protorelic of Grassland region in FF7 Rebirth.

Furthermore, players must go to the Phenomenon Intel 1: Coastal Lookout and investigate the area to search for Protorelic clues.

Investigate the area in ff7 rebirth
Players must investigate the area and look for a way inside the gate to search for Protorelic clues.

After reaching the destination, Chadley will hint to Cloud about the location of the Protorelic to be somewhere in his vicinity.

However, Chadley also informs Cloud that the Protorelic is not placed in plain sight so players must look harder to find it.

1. Treasures In The Coastal Lookout Gate

The front gate of the Coastal Lookout is locked so players must go around it to find a broken opening to enter inside.

Furthermore, after going around the Coastal Lookout, players can also obtain two prigs of sage and pearl ginger near the opening.

Inside the Coastal Lookout, players can find other valuables like a piece of mellow oak and a piece of timber.

In addition, you can also find barrels and crates inside the gate so break them to obtain a potion in FF7 Rebirth.

2. Defeat The Decoys

Players must climb the coastal lookout tower to reach the top by hanging onto the yellow rods in the wall.

As you reach the top of the tower, you will encounter four bandits who have Protorelic clues in their possession.

Defeat the decoys
When Beck runs away with the Protorelic, players must defeat the decoys to get the Protorelic in FF7 Rebirth.

But when you ask for the Protorelic clues, the leader Beck will disagree and say he wants to sell it to the businessmen.

He will ask his three team members to be the decoy while he runs away with the Protorelic clue.

So, the other step to solving the Search for Protorelic Clues in FF7 Rebirth is to defeat the decoys.

3. Protorelic Phenomenon 1: Wild Bandit Chase

After you and your team defeat the three decoys, Chadley will inform you that the Protorelic is on the move.

This means the leader Beck has the Protorelic and he escaped with it to a new destination.

However, this will complete the Phenomenon Intel 1: Wild Bandit Chase in FF7 Rebirth.

Players will get 10 data points for the grasslands and 5 party EXP upon completing the Wild Bandit chase.

4. Complete Protorelic Phenomenon 2 And 3

The players will get new Protorelic geoinformation which will start the Phenomenon Intel 2: Pipeline Management Faciliity in FF7 Rebirth.

Furthermore, players must complete Protorelic Phenomenon 2: One Badass Barbecue and Protorelic Phenomenon 3: Diversionary Tactics.

To complete the Protorelic Phenomenon 2, players must take a stealthy approach and take bandits by surprise while they’re having a Barbecue.

Next, players must find a way into the building and defeat the Bait to complete one Badass Barbecue.

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Complete Protorelic Phenomenon 4: Taking Care of Business

After completing the 3 Protorelic’s Phenomenon, players will get Phenomenon 4: Taking Care of Business.

You must go to the Businessman’s Hideout gate into a production hall which is East of Kalm for Phenomenon 4.

1. Wake Up The Dead Businessmen

To search for the Protorelic Clues, players must first wake up the dead Businessmen in the facility.

Furthermore, players must pull a lever next to the entrance to the right side to wake up the businessmen.

In this facility, players will also encounter the four bandits Burke, Beck, Butch and Burt.

So players must take out all four bandits alongside the Modded Sweeper in the game.

2. Defeat The Businessmen

Players can defeat Beck, Burke, Butch and Burt using the fire material as the bandits are weak to fire.

Similarly, players can defeat the Modded Sweeper using lightning material as Modded Sweeper is weak to lightning attacks,

Defeat the bussinessmen
To complete the Protorelic Phenomenon, players must wake up the businessmen and defeat the bandits and the Modded Sweeper.

Hence, upon defeating the Modded Sweeper, players will earn 103 EXP, 4 AP and 110 gil in the game.

3. Pay 2000 Gil To Beck

The four defeated bandits will ask for forgiveness and tell you that they were only trying to sell the Protorelic clues for some cash.

Players can offer the four Bandits 2000 gil to stop the stealing work and start a company of their own to do the honest work.

If you pay them 2000 gil, the Bandits will be very happy and get off to do their own business leaving all the bad work behind.

4. Obtain The Grassland’s Protorelic Phenomenon

Paying 2000 Gil will complete the Phenomenon Intel 4: Taking care of Business in FF7 Rebirth.

Hence, players will earn 10 data points for the grasslands and 5 party EXP.

Obtain Grassland Protorelic in FF7 rebirth
As you pay Beck 2000 Gil, you will complete the search for Protorelic clues and obtain the Protorelic of the grassland region.

When you complete Phenomenon 4 in FF7 Rebirth, you will complete the search for the Protorelic Clues.

Thus, you will obtain Beck’s Protorelic and the protorelic will take you to another dimension in a place with a mysterious character.

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