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Where Is The Crone In Diablo Immortal?

In a recent event of Diablo Immortal, players must locate the mysterious character called “The Crone.”

Every player can have access to the “The Crone” however they have to find their way to the exact location inside the map.

To find the exact location of the Crone, players have to set their journey by roaming around the several locations.

In Diablo Immortal, there is no exact answer to “Where is the crone” every player doesn’t find it in the same area. However, there is a high probability of finding it in places like the Town Center and Docks.

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Diablo Immortal: Overview Of  The Crone 

In Diablo Immortal, players must find the enigmatic character “The Crone” during the new Hallow’s Wake Event.

The Crone is one of the mysterious characters whose location the game guards as a well-kept secret.

Moreover, players are left to decipher the whereabouts of “The Crone” on their own; the game does not provide any guidance.

Similarly, players are bound to think of The Crone as one of the formidable boss monsters enlisted in event objectives.

However, players are left in shock, as there is no hint regarding the “The Crone “and his whereabouts. 

Event Description
Players learn about the event description in Diablo Immortal.

The Crone remains elusive as the event’s description simply stated,” The Crone is nearby,” without providing any other details.

Thus, despite the player’s best effort to locate the Crone, luck should also favor them to have access to “The Crone.”

Where To Find The Crone In Diablo Immortal?

In Diablo Immortal, players find themselves confused as they cannot locate “The Crone” by themselves.

Similarly, they can’t plan a move or think of something since the event description provided no tips.

Player In Search of The Crone
Players can go inside the city to locate “The Crone.”

Players must understand that they cannot find The Crone at the same location for everyone.

Moreover, they have to roam across the areas of the map and try to locate the hiding place of  “The Crone.”

However, players can search the places like the Town center, the area below the armory and also the areas of the docks.

The Crone in Town Center
Players have located “The Crone” in the Town Center.

From accessing the gaming community forums,  “The Crone” was mostly located in these areas for different people.

Besides that, you should ask your friends if they disclose the location of “The Crone” if they have also tried searching in that area. 

Players have to face the subtle level of unpredictability during this quest as they continue to roam around the map to locate The Crone.

Hallow’s Wake Rewards: Locating The Crone

Players can unlock several rewards while completing the quest in the newly launched Hallow’s Wake event. 

Similarly, players can only get these rewards by participating in the quest of finding the Crone in Hallow’s Wake Rewards.

Moreover, during the Hallow’s Wake rewards players can win the rewards in three different levels of prizes.

Initially, players must collect the maximum number of hallowed stones from completing the daily task.

After they collect hallowed stones, they can unlock several items based on their no of Hallowed Stones.

Players who collect 10 Hallowed Stones can unlock a fist bump emoji and a random legendary item.

Moreover, if players collect 20 Hallowed Stones, they can unlock a pearl and fishing rod cosmetics.

Players gain access to legendary items, three costumes, and a legendary crest after collecting 30 Hallowed Stones.

The Bottom Line 

In Diablo Immortal, A Crone is a mysterious figure who serves as a testament to this game.

Players must roam within different areas of the map until they discover “The Crone” out of nowhere.

In Summary, players must set their journey on the game despite the confusion and lack of in-game guidance.

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