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What Is The Purpose Of Malignant Burrow In Diablo 4?

The Malignant Burrow is a giant crater-like hole in the ground that leads to a separate area.

Interacting with this Burrow will take players into a cave with many enemies.

The main purpose of the Malignant Burrow In Diablo 4 is to act as a summoning area for an end-game boss called Echo of Varshan. 

Continue reading this article to know everything related to the Malignant Burrow.

Introduction To Malignant Burrow In Diablo 4

The Malignant Burrow is a unique landmark In Diablo 4 that can be found under the Tree of Whispers.

It is first introduced when players reach the Hawezar region as it appears as a huge ditch on the ground.

Like any other cave in the game, the Malignant Burrow is also home to various monsters.

Malignant Burrow In Diablo 4
Malignant Burrow In Diablo 4

Burrows are enemies’ lair in Diablo 4, which poses a significant challenge for players.

Upon clearing the burrow, players usually unlock new areas in the map for further story progression.

However, unlike other caves, the Malignant Burrow holds many unique treasures and secrets.

The burrow features area-specific locations like the root of Malignant, which is home to the Malignant Altar.

Later, this altar can be used to summon Varshan, which can only be done inside the Malignant Burrow.

Locating Malignant Burrow In Diablo 4

First, players must reach the Tree of Whispers to locate Malignant Burrow.

The tree is far south of Tur Dulra, beyond the Writhing Mire of Hawezar.

Location Of Malignant Burrow In Diablo 4
Location Of Malignant Burrow In Diablo4

Also, players can’t just walk towards and interact with the tree.

The interaction feature will only be active once the tree is activated.

However, to activate the tree, players must complete every single main mission in the game.

In other words, it is a bonus landmark that only unlocks for those who have cleared the game.

Once players have activated the tree, it will give them a quest called The Whispers Of The Dead.

The Malignant Burrow will only be available after you complete this quest.

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Summon Echo Of Varshan(World Tier 3) Inside Malignant Burrow

To summon Echo Of Varshan, players need to collect Whisper Caches.

There are two different ways you can collect these Caches in the game.

The first way is by offering 10 Grim Favors to the Tree of Whispers to obtain these caches.

These Grim Favors are used as a kind of currency to get the caches, which contain valuable materials.

Another way to attain these caches is through Grotesque debtors who may drop them.

Malignant Altar Inside Malignant Burrow
Malignant Altar Inside Malignant Burrow

However, you will need a Gurgling Head, Blackened Fur, and Trembling Hand as a pre-requisite.

A more straightforward way to find these items is by crafting these parts of the alchemist.

But not that it requires 15 Veiled Crystals and a Malignant Heart to craft just one item.

Nevertheless, once players have collected all the necessary materials, they must head to the Malignant Burrow.

Deep inside the tunnel, they will find a landmark called the Malignant Altar.

Then, interact with it after possessing the aforementioned items.

Proceed to click the “Summon” button. This will start the boss fight against the Echo of Varshan.

In simple terms, Whisper Caches are like treasure chests you can open by giving the Tree of Whispers some Grim Favors.

The Bottom Line

Echo Of Varshan is the toughest boss in season 1 of Diablo 4.

There are many steps that players need to complete to summon this boss.

Therefore, online research is necessary if you want to encounter this boss with ease.

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