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Dbz Dokkan Battle: Find Sparkling Green Stones In Quest

In Dbz Dokkan Battle, Find sparkling green stones within a quest is a hint for the players.

Players can use sparkling green stones to make powerful wishes for items and characters.

The find sparkling green stones in quest is a hint that Porunga provides to the players to obtain one of its Dragon balls. Furthermore, players can easily obtain these stones through the quests of Area 16 and higher in Dokkan Battle.
This article discusses the find sparkling green stones in quest and how to complete it in Dokkan Battle.

What Are Sparkling Green Stones In Dokkan Battle?

Sparkling Green Stones are a quest item in Dokkan Battle.

The stone is an item that players must obtain for the Porunga wishes.

However, this is one of many quest items players must obtain to summon Porunga.

Thus, after obtaining the sparkling green stones, players must complete other similar quests to summon Porunga.

Sparkling green stone quest hint
Sparkling green stone quest hint.

Like the Dragon Ball series, summoning Porunga will allow players to get a wish.

However, before summoning Porunga, players must also collect all the dragon balls related to him.

This game basically allows players to live the Dragon Ball Z fantasy story in a game.

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Complete Find Sparkling Green Stones In Quest Dokkan Battle

Players must first obtain the hint to obtain the Sparkling Green Stone.

It is more of a finding of the Sparkling Green Stone quest than a hint.

Players can reliably obtain the Sparkling Green stone in two quests in Dokkan Battle.

The two areas in which players can obtain the stone are Area 16 and Area 23.

Furthermore, Area 16 is the earliest area where players can obtain the stone.

However, the stone drops constantly as players go through higher areas and more difficult quests.

sparkling green stone quest stages
Stages to obtain the sparkling green stone in dokkan battle.

Players can obtain the stone by simply defeating the enemies in the areas.

In addition to that, players can also obtain it from the little blue panels that they will find in the area.

Thus, obtaining the stone should be easy in the higher areas but may require a bit of luck in Area 16.

Furthermore, players can exchange these sparkling green stones at the “Baba’s Shop” for great rewards.

One of the best rewards is obtaining the “Determined Fusion: Vegito.”

Thus, this ordeal is fruitful if the players are willing to grind out the game for the stones.

sparkling green stone quest reward
Baba’s shop rewards for the sparkling green stone.

The Baba’s shop is an excellent way for players to obtain strong characters that may take them a lot of time.

Furthermore, it also incentivizes the players to play the game more and earn more rewards.

Not only that, players can also collect other forms of currency with an entirely new set of rewards in the same shop.

Thus, the “Baba’s Shop” rewards system is well thought out for free-to-play players.

The Bottom Line

The currency sparkling green stones are a great way for players to look forward to some content.

Furthermore, players can interact with various quests in the game to obtain the currency and then get rewarded for it.

Hopefully, this article can guide you in understanding Find Sparkling Green stones in quest in the Dokkan Battle game.

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