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How To Finish Some Royal Work In Dreamlight Valley?

Finish Some Royal Work is one of the duties players have to perform in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

It is part of the Royal Winter Star Path, which is an engaging way to progress through the game.

Further, players can earn various rewards while performing various duties in the Star Path.

To complete the duty Finish Some Royal Work in Dreamlight Valley, players have to complete a listed number of Dreamlight duties. It rewards players with Royal Winter tokens after completing the required Dreamlight duties.

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What Is Royal Winter Star Path In Dreamlight Valley?

The Royal Winter Star Path is introduced in the new update of Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Players can perform various interesting tasks and duties to get festive rewards, including Royal Winter Tokens.

Additionally, the tasks are inclusive of different duties that require players to interact with the villagers.

Further, these rewards are only available exclusively for performing the duties in this limited-time event path.

However, players must complete all the associated duties to earn all the rewards for the Royal Winter Star Path.

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All Royal Winter Star Path Duties

There are various duties in the Royal Winter Star path that players can perform to earn the Royal Winter Tokens.

finish some royal work
Finish Some Royal Work is a part of the special event Royal Winter Star Path.

All of the duties that have been unlocked so far are listed below:

  • Do Some Magical Weed Removal: Clear 30 Night Thorns
  • Go Fish: Catch 30 Fish
  • Finish Some Royal Work: Complete 10 Dreamlight Duties
  • Build Stuff: Craft any 5 items at a Crafting station
  • Delight a robot with his favorite gifts: Give Wall-E four of his favorite items of the day
  • Work a Shift Chez Remy: Serve two meals at Chez Remy
  • Mine Some Precious Stones: Mine 25 gems of any kind
  • Forage For Blue Blooms: Pick up 30 blue flowers
  • Show Your Critters Some Love: Pet any Critter Companion you’ve equipped

Further, there are additional duties that players can unlock as they progress through the Star Path.

Finish Some Royal Work In Dreamlight Valley

‘Finish Some Royal Work’ is one of the duties that appears multiple times in the Royal Winter Star Path.

Here, players are required to complete the listed number of Dreamlight Duties.

Each instance requires a different number of Dreamlight Duties to be completed.

Complete Dreamlight Duties for Finish Some Royal Work in Dreamlight Valley
Players have to complete the Dreamlight duties for Finish Some Royal Work.

To complete the Dreamlight Duties, go to the events tab in the main menu.

Then, select the Duties tab where you can see the ‘Complete Dreamlight Duties‘ option.

Furthermore, the Dreamlight Duties involve simple tasks such as talking to villagers.

It also involves buying villagers their favorite items or helping them with errands.

Likewise, players should prioritize completing the tasks that they have resources and complete easily.

Rewards For Completing Finish Some Royal Work

After performing all the 10 Dreamlight duties for Finish Some Royal Work duty, players get 10 Royal Winter tokens.

Players can spend these tokens on any of the seven pages of rewards available for the Royal Winter Star Path.

Further, it allows players to choose any reward they want with the Winter tokens they earn from the duties.

There are multiple items on the reward page including Moonstones, Dagger Motif, Sun Motif, Winter Gala, and Royal Ice Skate Rack.

The Bottom Line

Moreover, the Royal Winter Star Path brings exciting duties and rewards to the game Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Players must complete certain Dreamlight Duties to complete the Finish Some Royal Work Duty.

Further, the Dreamlight duties involve simple tasks that reward players with Royal Winter tokens upon completion.

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