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Why Reset Password After Using Instagram Wrapped?

Users who are using the Instagram Wrapped password are concerned about whether they should reset the password or not.

As the app is relatively new, this issue arises on various platforms.

Users should reset their password after using Wrapped for Instragam, as it is an uncategorized third-party site with mixed reviews.

Continue reading to learn about the reset password issue on Instagram and its measures.

Reset Password Prompt After Using InstagramWrapped

Wrapped For Instagram is an app that provides insights and account details of the users.

Their app description suggests users can access new analytics and even weekly reports.

Those who want further details can even get Diamond Wrapped by subscription.

To see that information that Instragam doesn’t provide, players must use an IG Wrapped login procedure.

If users have the app to see information Instragam doesn’t provide and get the Instagram Reset Prompt, their account is at risk.

Eventhough Instragam does not store the password, it sends users a message to reset their password if the account is weak or compromised.

If Instagram finds users are using the same ID and password in external apps or sites, they will send the prompt. 

Moreover, Instragam will also provide timely notification when a user’s account is synced with third-party apps.

Wrapped for Instagram
Sync the data by tapping the Connect Instagram button.

Resetting the password in a timely manner can help to avoid data vulnerability and breaches.

Continue reading to explore if Instagram Wrapped Is Real and Wrapped Not Working Fixes.

Why Reset Password After Using Instagram Wrapped?

All third-party apps, including IG Wrapped, take the user’s credentials to access the app.

Using these apps automatically puts the user account at risk; hence, resetting the password after use is the best option.

Although Wrapped For Instagram suggests it does not take users’ data and uses cookies for a safer experience, the reviews say otherwise.

instagram reset password wrapped
Select allow all cookies or reject the cookies.

According to App Store reviews on Wrapped On Instagram, the app is secretly tracking users’ data and logging in to the account.

Also, the app launched in November is available only on a single platform and has loads of negative reviews.

Wrapped for Instagram has a rating of around 2 out of 5 from almost 270 reviews. 

Also, the statistics of screenshots, blocklists, spent hours, top friends and the gender ratio seem to be fishy.

Additional users around forums, comments and other platforms also provide mixed reviews about the application.

How To Reset Instagram Password?

To reset or change the existing password on Instagram, follow the procedure;

  • Visit the Instagram Password Reset Page.
  • Enter your Username, Account or Phone number.
  • Click Send Login Link and surpass the Captcha.
instagram reset password wrapped
Press the Send Login Link option.
  • Change or reset the Instagram password.

The Bottom Line

Users should reset not just Instagram’s password but also other official account passwords after using third-party apps like Wrapped.

Additionally, if Instagram sends a password reset prompt, user’s accounts will be at high risk of data breaches.

Hence, the best way is to avoid third-party apps; however, if users want to use them, they should view the reviews and the sources.

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