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Who Is Lens The Journalist In BG3?

Lens the journalist is not a real journalist but a shapeshifter who is one of your enemies in Baldur’s Gate 3.

She is actually Orin, the Chosen of Murder, who is working with Gortash and Thorm to hunt you down.

At first, Lens introduces you as the Journalist in BG3. However, as she interviews you, Lens reveals she is not a reporter but the game’s antagonist Orin, the Chosen Of Murder. Furthermore, she is one of the gods who is even a fan of murder.

Here, we will discuss Lens the Journalist in BG3 and the consequences of talking to her.

Lens The Journalist In Baldur’s Gate 3: Who Is She?

In BG3, players will know they are in the news for their deeds as they reach Rivington Courier in Act 3.

Also, players will first encounter the one who is always researching about them, a Journalist known to be Lens.

Lens the Journalist
She is the reporter who has created uproar in Rivington after you arrive there.

She is not the one she claims to be; she will reveal it if you interact with her.

Additionally, she is the one who is making all the uproar in Rivington, but she will not interact with you directly.

Moreover, if you speak or interact with her. she will demand to have an interview with you. You can deny her or go on and take the interview.

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Lens The Journalist’s True Identity In BG3

Taking the interview will reveal Len’s true identity and provoke Gortash indirectly. 

As the interview goes on, she discloses something she shouldn’t have.

She confesses that she knows who is feeding her details of you, along with Thorm and Moonrise.

Now, you can continue to answer the question or call it a day.

After this, despite your answer, Lens’ will reveal her true identity eventually.

Lens is not the reporter but a boss Orin also known as the Chosen Of Murder.

Lens the Journalist
Lens reveals that she is the shapeshifter and threatens to defeat you.

However, her first appearance in-game was with  Ketheric Thorm and Enver Gortash in the mind flayer colony.

She can appear in front of players in several identities as she can Shapeshft.

Here are some of the identities she can transform into:

  1. Zethino: A dryad located at the circle of the Last Day.
  2. Fist Rowan: He is a member of the flaming fist located at the back of the donation barn.
  3. Lens: A Journalist you will encounter at Rivington Courier.
  4. Guldro Anglerior: A blacksmith you will find in the Rivington General.
  5. Thug: She will also transform into the wounded Thug of Star-Lord.

Once the players figure out two transformations from the list above, the rest will be converted into the actual NPCs.

Beware Of Lens: The Journalist

As you encounter Lens, it indicates two things: She is following you and your actions and planning to defeat you.

Furthermore, she also wants to put the dragger inside Gortash before you.

This encounter indicated that you are unsafe in Rivington where anyone can be your enemy.

Therefore, you must ensure you are ready to leave this area anytime.

How To Defeat Orin In BG3?

To defeat Orin, here is the step-by-step guide you can follow;

  1. You first need to break her barrier using multiple attacks. For instance attacks like Magic Missiles.
  2. However, breaking the shield is no simple task; it takes upto nine hitpoints.
  3. This means it doesn’t matter how much damage you deal, the shield will reduce only one point per hit.
  4. Once you destroy the barrier, damage her with the help of your party members until the barrier returns.
  5. Leave the cleric and save its healing and resurrection skill. This helps to keep your party members alive and leads to victory.
  6. Furthermore, the Orin’health is 101, so ensure your party member is well-equipped to deal enough damage and end the boss fight within 1 or 2 rotations.
  7. Regardless of the intimidating looks of the boss, it is not the most challenging boss you have encountered.
  8. Therefore you can easily defeat the boss with no difficulty.

Loots After Defeating Orin

After defeating Orin, you will get lots such as Crimson Mischief and Netherstone-Pommellled Bloodthrust.

Crimson Mischief is a legendary shortsword that grants additional damage when equipped on the main hand.

As you obtain Netherstone-Pommellled Bloodthrust, it will be divided into two things Bloodthrust and Orin’s Netherstone.

Bloodthrust is a legendary dragger that increases the chances of critical strikes and allows players to cast True Strike.

While the Orin’s Netherstone is one of the three controllers of the Crown of Karsus.

The Bottom Line

Players encounter Lens the Journalist during Act 3 at Rivington Courier.

At first, she seems to be an energetic reporter investigating the player’s character.

However, during the interview with her, it is revealed that she is a shapeshifter boss called Orin, Chosen of Murder.

Defeating her will grant you rewards like Crimson Mischief and Netherstone-Pommellled Bloodthrust.

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