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Flint Arrow Bug In Enshrouded: Weapon Craft Alternative

The Flint Arrow Bug in Enshrouded refers to a situation where players are not able to craft flint arrows.

Flint Arrows are the fire-lighted arrows that could be crafted through Camp Fire in the game in the past.

Hence, Flint arrow bug is not real as requirements for Flint Arrows have been change in the recent update.

You can unlock Flint Arrows in Enshrounded by unlocking the Hunter and gathering stoneflints and Twigs.

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What Is Flint Arrow In Enshrouded?

A Flint Arrow is not your ordinary arrow as they have unique properties compared to standard arrows.

It is a specialized projectile crafted with a combination of flintstone and Twigs which throws fired arrows.

Players often rely on Flint Arrows when engaging in combat, whether against hostile creatures or in PvP.

The enhanced properties of these arrows make them effective tools for hunting or defending against in-game threats.

enshrouded flint arrow
Flint Arrow is an powerfull weapon in Enshrouded to deal with higher leveled bosses from long range.
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Is Flint Arrow Removed From Enshrouded?

No, Enshrouded has not removed the flint arrow; however, changes in its requirements have led to player confusion.

As an old player who played the game for a long time, there was an update where developers changed the system.

In the old version, players could craft it through a campfire using flints, but now they require flintstones and twigs.

Hence, it’s not removed from the game rather the unlocking pattern has been changed and managed accordingly.

How To Get Flint Arrows?

In the current update, getting Flint Arrows has different patterns of steps to follow and different resources required.

Hence, it’s much harder to get than in the past as the resources are hard to obtain and require grinding.

Therefore, if you want to upgrade your arrows from regular arrows, Flint Arrows are the best arrows in the game.

Follow these steps to get Flint Arrows in Enshrouded.

1. Unlock Hunter

You can find the Hunter by making your way to her own Ancient Vault located northeast of your initial base.

The best way to reach the Hunter is by clearing the Springlands Ancient Spire, which then becomes a waypoint.

Hence, follow the path along the Springlands Ancient Spire to reach the Ancient Vault to unlock Hunter.

Enshrouded Hunter
An image of Hunter in Enshrouded.

2. Find Flintstones

Finding Flintstones proves challenging, as they are a crucial component in crafting Flint arrows.

Mining Flintstone requires using a Pickaxe, and you can accomplish this task with the level one Pickaxe.

While mining, keep in mind that Flinstone may respawn, allowing for simultaneous farming.

flintstone mine
You can obtain the Flintstones from flintstone mine shown in the image.

3. Find Twigs

You can obtain Twigs easily by chopping down trees using your Axe and trying to chop big trees to get a higher amount.

An efficient way to get it is by collecting them from bushes and random foliage that spawn around Embervale.

This way, you won’t need to cut trees for a long time and destroy bushes and foliage to get it done faster.

Twigs From Trees.jpg
Farming twigs from bushes are more efficiant than trees as it easy to destroy.

4. Craft Flint Arrows

Equipped with all the requirements for the flint arrows, head toward the craft station..

There you can find an option that says Flint Arrows and right-click on it to craft it to the required amount.

For each ten Flintstone, you’ll get 50 arrows which would be enough for defeating an Elixir Well boss.

Where To Find Flintstones In Enshrouded?

There is a Flintstone mine marked automatically by the map located in the center of the Springlands starting biome.

The marked location is titled Small flint mine with a purple logo at the north side from your spawn.

Observing the cave-like structure and recognizing the entrance made from stones, miners can easily identify these mines.

There also will be an abandoned kind of scenario of the location and you will find unused mining equipment.

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