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How to Setup Floor Desk to Work from Home?

The pandemic and work-from-home module have increased the need for people to create a good work setup to optimize their work productivity at home.

People have tried new working methods, such as using Japanese-inspired work from floor setups with floor desks.

You can have a portable workspace that is also cost-effective when you choose to work from the floor.

A perfect floor desk setup includes a right-sized floor desk, floor chair, designated storage areas, decors, and lighting fixtures. Accessories like yoga mats, pillows, and cushions make working from the floor much easier.

floor desk
Working on floor desk is relaxing.

Using the floor desk to work can be tricky; however, this article will guide you on choosing the correct setup and accessories to make your work time comfortable.

Floor Desk Setup Ideas to Work from Home

Working from the floor has multiple benefits if you can arrange it properly.

You can choose the desk, chairs, and equipment according to your preference. However, working in and matching your room interiors should be comfortable.

1. Get a Right Sized Floor Desk

Floor desks are generally smaller and shorter in size. However, you should choose a floor desk higher than 15 – 16 inches for comfort.

Generally, choosing a floor desk above 35 inches long and 15-16 inches high is always useful.

Here are some recommendations for the best floor desk;

Floor DeskFeaturesImage
Laptop Desk, Astoryou Portable Foldable floor desk
Weight: 5.3 lbs
Foldable wood and metal floor desk
Japanese Accent Floor DeskTraditional/Non-foldable floor desk
One to four person use
Japanese Accent Floor Desk
NEARPOW Leather floor deskFoldable floor desk
Weight: ‎9.53 pounds
NEARPOW Leather floor desk
WoodShine Mid Century Modern Mini-SwingTraditional/ Non-foldable floor desk
Weight: 14.42 lbs
WoodShine Mid Century Modern Mini-Swing
NNEWVANTE BambooFoldable floor desk
Weight: 6.95 lbs
Cooper Mega TableFoldable floor desk
Weight: 6.8 lbs
Cooper Mega Table

2. Get a Comfortable Floor Desk Chair

Floor chairs have no legs and are designed to pair with floor desks. These round or flat-bottomed chairs can be placed directly on the floor or the carpet.

Here are some valuable tips on choosing the best-suited floor chair for you.

  • Ensure that the floor chair you use has the correct height to level with your floor desk.
  • Choose a floor chair with a strong metal frame base, as these are durable and can last for years.
  • Among the types of chairs, Bean bag floor chairs and Ottoman floor chairs are the best for working long hours.

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  • The upholstery for working chairs should be moderately soft so that your back and lumbar zone are not overloaded.
  • Choose chairs that have the correct back curve to support your spine.
  • Additional features like Handles and Built-in speakers can make working from the floor easier. You can choose the ones that have the features you require.
  • Look for adjustability features according to your needs. The features can be the angle of the backrest incline or posture adjustment features.

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Best Floor ChairsBest FeaturesProduct Image
Floor Chair Adjustable NNEWVANTE Back Support Chair5 Angles Adjustable backrest
Waterproof Base with Crystal Velvet cover and Steel Frame
Flexible padded floor seating
Floor Chair Adjustable NNEWVANTE Back Support Chair
bonVIVO Folding Floor ChairPortable
Reclining and back support features
bonVIVO Folding Floor Chair
Adjustable Gaming Floor Sofa Chair 14 different positions
Memory foam
Adjustable Gaming Floor Sofa Chair
FLOGUOR 42-Position Adjustable Floor ChairMultiple adjustable positions from 90 degrees to fully flat FLOGUOR 42-Position Adjustable Floor Chair

3. PC or Laptop Setup

Laptops can be easily set on the floor desk. The laptop can be raised using an adjustable laptop stand if the desk height is not suitable for you.

You can easily set up a PC on the carpet if you arrange it properly.

For instance, you can use a monitor raiser or stack some books and place your monitor on the desired height level.

You can also use a monitor arm to raise your monitor to have extra space for the keyboard and mouse on your desk.

A rolling CPU stand is an excellent choice for your PC’s CPU to place it by the side of your table and move it easily. You can get stands like VIVO Computer Tower Desktop ATX-Case from Amazon.

The keyboard and mouse tray can be clamped on the desk to free some space.

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4. Lighting for Floor Desk

You might have a problem with lighting if you plan on shifting your desk far from the power outlet. In addition, you might also not have enough space on your floor desk to fit a desk lamp.

USB powered desk lamp with a clamp is the best option for your floor desk.

LightingBest FeaturesProduct Image
TROPICALTREE LED Desk Lamp3 Color Temperature
Space-Saving with a versatile three-axis design
USB powered
Extra wide metal clamp with silicone pads
TROPICALTREE LED Desk Lamp, Swing arm Desk Light with clamp
Clip on Light Reading Light3 Color Mode & 10 Levels Brightness
360° Flexible Gooseneck
Clip on Light Reading Light
Mubarek LED Desk Lamps for Home Office4-in-1 multi-function, desk lamp with usb charging port, phone stand, pen holder
Mubarek LED Desk Lamps for Home Office

5. Decorations for Floor Desk

Using a floor desk does not mean that you cant decorate your desk space. While the space might be limited, you can use small-sized decors and miniature plants on your desk to maintain the aesthetics.

You can choose different themes like minimalistic, rustic, etc., according to your preference.

The workspace should reflect the user’s personality, so you should personalize your floor desk by adding decors, colors, etc.

Floor desk setup
Two-tier shelf(Source: Amazon)

If you want to keep your desk fixed by the wall, you can use multi-tier mini shelves like this Bamboo Flower Pot Plant Display Stand Shelf to have enough space for your plants and decors.

Here are some items that you can use to decorate your floor workspace;

Floor Desk DecorsBest FeaturesProduct Image
Artificial Succulents Set of 3 Mini Realistic Fake PlantsRealistic Design
Premium quality non-toxic PE&EVA material
Mini sized (3.5 x 3.5 x 4)
Artificial Succulents Set of 3 Mini Realistic Fake Plants with Plastic Pots
Dreamty 2022 Mini Desktop Calendar4.72x3.15x2.36inch
high quality cardboard material
Sturdy spool design binding
Dreamty 2022 Mini Desktop Calendar
MultiBey Golden Pen Holder Simple Gold Mini VaseMade of stainless steel with gold electroplating
3.3 x 3.3 x 4 inches
MultiBey Golden Pen Holder Simple Gold Mini Vase

6. Storage Ideas

If you plan to use your floor desk on a fixed spot, you can use low-height shelves, so you don’t have to get up constantly to reach things.

An open cubed cabinet of shelves is an excellent option as you need force to open a closed cabinet door, which is difficult while seated.

Under Desk Storage (Source: Amazon)
Under Desk Storage (Source: Amazon)

You can also repurpose a shoe rack of low height and use it for storage. If you want to move your floor table constantly, you will lack storage places.

However, using adhesive under-desk storage will give you extra storage for your essentials.

Trays and small baskets are also great for storing small items on the desk.

7. Ideal Floor Desk Set Up Placement

The floor desk is portable and can be placed anywhere you want.

However, if you want to keep your floor desk in a fixed location, there are multiple possibilities, like placement facing the window, facing the wall, or even in the middle of the room.

Since you would have limited storage and decoration space while using a small-sized floor desk, it is better to face your desk to the wall.

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Necessary Accessories for Floor Desk Set Up

You will experience difficulties with posture and find the floor challenging to sit on initially.

The accessories mentioned below can help you work comfortably.

1. Yoga Mat

A yoga mat is a great option to keep you warm and comfortable using the floor desk. Since yoga mats are long enough to accommodate your whole body, you can comfortably stretch your legs.

Gaiam Essentials Thick Yoga Mat is great for cushioning with its thick foam.

2. Firm Pillow

You can place a firm pillow behind your back while using floor chairs for the floor desk. This will support your back and correct your posture while you work.

DMI Lumbar Support Pillow for Chair provides excellent back support and eases lower back pain.

3. Step-stool

A step stool can be used as a chair alternative for the floor desk.

URFORESTIC Solid Wood Bed Step Stool Super has a wooden look that would look great paired with wooden floor desks. They are light and easy to move around.

Tips for Working on the Floor

  • Choose a removable upholstery for the chair so it can be cleaned timely.
  • Sitting on the floor can be very cold if you don’t have heating in your room or apartment. Ensure that you have blankets or heated mattresses to keep you warm and comfortable.
  • Wear comfortable clothing while working from the floor. Unlike chairs and desk setups, tight pants and jeans can make it very uncomfortable to adjust your posture or stretch your legs while using a floor desk.

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Precautions While Using Floor Desk

  • As our body is not used to sitting in a correct posture, you might feel stiff initially. So, you should get up and move around from time to time while using the floor desk.
  • Since your posture primarily depends on your body while working on a floor desk, you need to avoid slouching.
  • The cables for your laptop or equipment hang low on the floor while using the floor desk, which is a trip hazard. So, you need to use cable binders or tapes to bring them from the socket to your desk through the wall.
  • If your floor desk has sharp edges, it’s better to cover them with corner protectors. You are more likely to bump into the edges when the desk is placed on the floor.
  • Use a rug under the desk to protect your carpet or floor.

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Also, watch the video to get more information;

Final Verdict

Using Floor desks is a furniture-less work approach, providing a portable workspace.

To make a functional floor desk, you need to use USB-powered lamps, adhesive storage, etc.

Working on the floor can be uncomfortable since we are used to working from chairs. But, with the use of accessories, it gets easier with time.

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