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Where Are The Haunted Sectors In Destiny 2?

The Haunted Sectors have returned in Destiny 2’s Halloween event, Festival of the Lost.

Furthermore, The Haunted Sectors activities are available from October 18, 2022 to November 8, 2022.

So, players have three weeks to get some exciting offers from Bungie.

The Hunted Sectors In Destiny 2 are at the Tower Map on the Directory Map and to the right of Eva and the bookstand. Furthermore, the Hunted Sectors are in the EDZ, Europa, the Moon, and Nessus’s Lost Sectors.

Please continue reading to learn more about the Haunted Sectors, where they are, and How to Complete them in Destiny 2.

What Are The Haunted Sectors In Destiny 2?

The Haunted Sectors was the main event of the Festival of the Lost in 2022.

It has returned in 2023 with barely any change in Destiny 2. It is designed for 1-3 players and features matchmaking.

This means players without their fire team can solo queue and be matched with other players.

This event is similar to the normal Lost Sector you do in Destiny 2.

However, unlike the normal Lost Secotors, Haunted Sectors spawn summoning circles.

This summoning circle spawns the Headless Ones (Ascendant Knights) with pumpkins for heads.

They are tanky enemies, so make sure to use Heavy or super.

Furthermore, playing this event is a part of the Gone But Not Forgotten quest introduced during the Festival of the Lost.

Moreover, this event also converts the Spectral Pages into Manifested Pages and gets the most out of this event.

Therefore, make sure to farm some Spectral Pages from other activities.

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Where Are The Haunted Sectors In Destiny 2?

The Haunted Sectors is a limited-time event accessible from the Tower on the game director menu.

To get the Haunted Sectors on the Tower’s map, you must talk to Eva.Then, complete her bounties, and evenly, the Haunted Sector’s icon will appear on the map.

Haunted Sectors Playlist
The map shows the location on the game’s directory.

Furthermore, four planets host this activity in their Lost Sectors, which have increased since last year’s event.

You can also access the Haunted Sectors from the rotating hologram of a white tree at the Tower.

Location Of Haunted Sectors
The Location Of Haunted Sectors Playlist is to the right of Eva and the book stand.

Here are the four Lost Sectors where the Haunted Sectors are hosted;

EDZ Lost Sectors
Europa Lost Sectors
The Moon Lost Sectors
Nessus’s Lost Sectors.

These are the Lost Sectors where you will play the Haunted Sectors Playlist.

How To Complete The Haunted Sectors In Destiny 2?

This activity has two phases: you must beat the clock and defeat the boss.

Here is the step-by-step to complete the Haunted Sectors in destiny2;

1. Beat the Clock

 Once loaded into Haunted Sector, you must defeat minor enemies until the game asks you to find the Summoning circle.

Then, you’ll have 5 minutes to slay as many Headless Ones as possible.

As the time goes by, more Summoning circles will appear.

Now, you can split up and defeat them or summon several Headless Ones and slay them with power weapons.

After you slay 10 Headless ones, the Summoning circles will stop spawning. It does not matter how much time is left.

However, if you fail to slay 10 Headless Ones in 5 minutes, you will encounter a boss.

2. Defeat The Boss

The boss will be different with each Lost Sector. However, all of them have the same mechanics.

Also, players do not have to worry about dying since Hunted Sectors is not a respawn-restricted zone.

As players start to damage the boss, eventually, the boss will gain the shield, making it immune to all damage.

Furthermore, during the fight with the boss, the Summoning Circles will spawn again.

Again, you have to slay the Headless ones. However, this time, they will drop the pumpkin bombs.

You can pick the bomb and throw it at the boss.

After that, the boss will lose the shield, and you can deal damage.

Repeat this process till the boss is defeated, however, do not rush to kill the boss early on.

Since the Headless Ones can turn Spectral Pages into Manifested Pages.

Furthermore, the more you slay the Headless Ones, the better loot you will get.

The Bottom Line

Haunted Sector is a limited-time event from October 18, 2022, to November 8, 2022.

You can access it from the directory or by going directly to the Tower.

Players will be loaded into different Lost Sectors each time they start the event.

Furthermore, players can convert the Spectral Pages into Manifested Pages.

Along with some fantastic rewards and a Ghost Writer title.

Therefore, Make sure to participate in this event to get exciting rewards.

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