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How To Get Tormentor Mask In Destiny 2?

Tormentor Mask is a new item in the Destiny 2.

The exclusive Mask is launched as a part of a Halloween event in Season of the Witch.

To get the Tormentor Mask in Destiny 2, players need to unlock the Nimbus Mask initially and defeat the 100 Headless ones in the Haunted Sector.

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Destiny 2 Tormentor Mask: Overview

The Tormentor Mask is one of the unique items players can earn as a reward in the newly launched Festival of the Lost event.

Players can earn many other items, including masks, ships, vehicles, guns, emotes, shaders and ghost shells.

Players need to meet specific criteria in the event to earn all these items in the Halloween Event.

The Tormentor mask is one of the Twilight Truimps obtained in the Haunted Sector.

How To Get The Tormentor Mask In Destiny 2?

If players are willing to get the Tormentor mask in the Festival of the Lost to give characters a unique look, follow the procedure,

1. Unlock The Nimbus Mask

The Clovy Bray ornament unlocks a getaway to get the Tormentor Mask in the new event, so players must focus on getting the item first.

Clovis Bray Mask
Equip the Clovis Bray Mask.

Players should start the Haunted Sector event to get the Nimbus Mask, which can be obtained after getting the spectral pages.

Moreover, players must meet Eva Levante, the event vendor in the Courtyard Tower, to obtain the Festival of the Lost Mask.

Players will get the Spectral pages to learn about the event, which can be earned after wearing the Mask and playing the event.

After getting the Spectral pages, players can unlock the Haunted Sector Event.

In the event, players should equip the Mask, load it into the SABER strike and defeat the boss.

Players will complete the first objective and get the Nimbus Mask as a reward.

2. Defeat Enemies In The Haunted Sector

Players must enter the Haunted Lost Sectors with the Nimbus Mask as their item to get the Tormented Mask.

In the Neomuna, players must complete another objective of the Lost Memento.

The number will gradually increase when players gradually kill the Headless ones in the event.

All the objectives and the rewards are hidden in the Twilight Truimps.

The second objective is to kill the hundred Headless ones, which will grant players tormented masks.

Tormentor Mask
Add the Tormentor Mask to the inventory.

Unlocking The Lost Memento

The second objective reward: Tormented Mask assist to unlock the Lost Memento in the Twilight Triumph.

Initially, players need to head to the Legendary Hauntd Sector, which is by far the most challenging area in the event.

Players should equip the Tormentor Mask and enter the Legendary Sector.

Lastly, defeating 25 enemies by putting on the Mask will finish the third objective and unlock the Lost Memento, an exclusive shader.

Tormentor Mask Destiny 2 Bugged

In the Haunted Event, the Headless enemies are not added as an objective of the Twilight Truimps.

This is already confirmed as a bug by Bungie’s official handle.

Thankfully, there are less time-consuming processes to get the Tormented Mask and, finally, the Lost Memento.

Players should head to the Legend Haunted Sector to overcome the progress bug in the objectives.

Legend Haunted sector
Enter the Legend Haunted Sector.

After entering the Legend Sector, players should attack the Headless Ones.

Defeating the Headless Ones can be tricky, as the enemies are tough to beat in this Sector.

Nonetheless, if players beat a single Headless One in the sector, it will count as 3.

Hence, players can just kill 34 enemies in total to complete the objective.

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The Bottom Line

As the event will run till 7th November, players have plenty of time to achieve rewards in the Festival of the Lost.

The Tormentor Mask is one of the essential masks in the festivals, which can unlock another exclusive item.

If players are trying to invest time and cash, they can unlock legendary and exotic items.

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