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Wishing All The Best Step 47: Is It Bugged?

Wishing All The Best is the weekly mission in Destiny 2: Season of the Wish with new steps each week.

However, many players are stuck at step 47 in Week 6 of the mission feeling it might be bugged.

To proceed through step 47  in the Wishing All the Best quests in the game, players have to visit Mara’s throne in the Dreaming City. After reaching there, interact with the throne and receive a message on the Radio from Mara.

Continue reading to learn more about how to complete Wishing All the Best step 47 in Destiny 2.

Wishing All The Best In Destiny 2: An Overview

Wishing All the Best is a weekly quest in Destiny 2 with a 55-step-long storyline that will last for seven weeks.

Further, each week has between seven and nine steps and requires players to find and collect the remaining eggs of Riven.

The steps include speaking to Riven, searching for eggs in Riven’s Lair, and peaking with Petra at the holoprojector.

wishing all the best quest
Wishing all the Best is the seasonal quest with 55 steps.

Likewise, players have to complete Blind Well runs in the Dreaming City to complete this mission.

Players have to complete the mission in seven weeks as the story leads up to the Final Shape expansion.

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How To Complete Wishing All The Best Step 47?

In week 6 of the quest, you have to make your way to the Dreaming City and work on a round of Blind Well activities.

When progressing through step 47 in the Wishing All the Best quest, players have to go to Mara’s throne.

After reaching the throne, players can interact with a lady and the cat present there.

Further, give blessings to the cat that everything is going to be completed to get some rewards.

Jumping through portal in step 47 wishing all the best
Players have to jump through the portal after reaching Mara’s throne.

Then, players should jump through the portal present in the Spine of Keres that will lead to the Queen’s throne room.

Similarly, interacting with the throne simply completes step 47 and allows you to proceed to the next step of the quest.

Is Wishing All The Best Step 47 Bugged?

The intended process for Step 47 in the quest involves visiting Mara Sov on her throne world, Dreaming City.

However, many players are encountering issues where Mara is not present on the throne, preventing them from progressing in the quest.

After reaching there, players find that Mara is not present there so they feel that the step might be bugged.

Nonetheless, it’s not bugged as players can still interact with the throne to receive a radio message.

step 47 wishing all the best
Step 47 is one of the 55 long steps in the Wishing All The Best weekly quest in Destiny 2.

Further, interacting with her chair helps to progress the quest as Mara speaks over the radio.

After this, players can proceed to the next part of the quest to step 48.

The Bottom Line

Moreover, the Wishing All the Best quests for week six especially step 47 is a little difficult in Destiny 2.

However, players can complete the step after visiting the throne from the Spine of Keres portal.

Then, interact with Mara’s throne to discuss about the final egg and continue with other steps in the quest.

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