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What Does The Orange Circles Indicate In Fortnite Chapter 5?

In chapter 5 of Fortnite, players can see the orange circles getting smaller or larger on the map.

Many are curious about what the orange circle is and what it indicates when it appears in the game.

In Fortnite Chapter 5, the orange circles on the map you see while playing the game are the locations of the players who have society medallions. If you are wondering why the orange circle keeps getting larger or smaller it is due to the amount of medallions the player has.

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What Are Orange Circles In Fortnite Chapter 5?

The Orange Circle on the map marks the location of a person using a society medallion.

Medallions are powerful items that can regenerate shields and you can also collect more of them to stack them up.

Moreover, if you have medallions they can also regenerate your health which helps you to survive longer in the game.

ORANGE circle
Orange circles on the map are the locations of the players who have society medallions.

If you collect over 3 medallions, it will make you untouchable and formidable in the game.

Collecting more medallions will make you the strongest in the game and will bring more enemies along the way.

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How To Obtain All 5 Society Medallions In Fortnite?

To obtain one  Society Medallion you must defeat at least one of the bosses on the map.

Furthermore, you can easily see the locations of the bosses on the map.

There are five bosses in the game, and you will earn one society medallion for killing one boss.

The bosses are Nisha, Oscar, Valeria, Montegue and Peter Griffin so locate them using your map.

five bosses to get five medallions
You must kill Nisha, Oscar, Valeria, Montegue, and Peter Griffin to get 5 medallions.

As you can get one society medallion from killing each boss, you have the chance to earn 5 medallions.

Besides, the power that you receive from obtaining the five medallions is out of the world.

You can be a formidable player in the Fortnite chapter 5 after obtaining all five society medallions.

You can be untouchable and formidable in the game if you collect all five medallions.

However, killing all five bosses of Fortnite Chapter 5 is not as easy as it may sound.

The fact that one medallion has enough power to regenerate your health and shields indicates how challenging it is to kill the bosses.

But your hard work in defeating the bosses will grant you five society medallions, so it’s worth trying.

Orange Circle Exposes Location In The Game

If you have more medallions with you, other players can easily locate you on the map as the circle starts to shrink.

Hence, the orange circle will give everyone your position on the map exposing you as powerful competition.

If the orange circle gets smaller on the map, many players will track you down to steal the medallions from you.

However, if the orange circle remains large on the map, enemies cannot exactly pinpoint your location.

Hence, it will be comparatively easier for you to wander around with less chance of running into some enemies.

What Happens When You Obtain All Five Medallions?

If you obtain all five medallions, you will be a target for many enemies in the game.

The orange circle on the map will tell other players the exact location where you are.

Hence, you will encounter many enemies who are there to take away the medallions from you.

orange cirele on map
If you have one or two medallions, the orange circle on the map is larger.

In some cases, other players may form a team to steal the medallions as they can follow the orange circle to find you.

So you must be very careful because you will run into a lot of enemies on the way as your location is being exposed.

But if you have one or two medallions, the orange circle on the map is larger, so it will be difficult for enemies to pinpoint your location.

The Bottom Line

The orange circles are simply how the game shares your location with enemies.

If the circle on the map shrinks too small, you can easily pinpoint the player with over 3 medallions.

So, the orange circle is a great way to bring players in one spot to fight for the medallions. 

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