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A Beginner Guide To Invoker’s Cord In WoW

If you are a fan of World of Warcraft, you might have heard of a new update in SoD that brings some exciting changes and features.

One of these features is the introduction of newly crafted items for tailors, such as the Invoker’s Cord and the Invoker’s Mantle. These items grant additional spell damage and healing, making them ideal for casters and healers.
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What Is Invoker’s Cord In WoW?

Invoker’s Cord is a new waist cloth item that was added to World of Warcraft in the Season of Discovery.

Similarly, this set is designed for casters, especially mages, warlocks, and priests, as it provides bonuses to spell damage and healing.

It also synergizes well with flame talent and allows Arcane Blast to benefit from and consume Fire Blast charges.

How To Get Invoker’s Cord In WoW?

To get the Invoker’s Cord, you need to be a tailor with a skill level of 300 or higher.

You also need to learn the recipe for the Invoker’s Cord, which can be purchased from Borya in Orgrimmar or Elynna in Darnassus.

Map of Darnassus in WoW.

Once you have learned the recipe, you need to gather the materials for the Invoker’s Cord.

Once you have all the materials, you can craft the Invoker’s Cord using a tailoring trainer or a loom.

The Invoker’s Cord is binding on equipment, meaning you can sell it or trade it to other players if you don’t need it for yourself.

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What Are The Class Tuning Changes Coming In WoW?

As the SoD progresses, Blizzard is monitoring the data and feedback on class performance and making adjustments accordingly.

Blizzard's post
Blizzard’s post on class tuning changes.

Furthermore, on December 19, 2023, a series of class tuning changes will go live with the weekly maintenance.

However, these changes affect four classes: mage, paladin, rogue, and shaman.

The changes are as follows:

1. Mage

The ability called Living Flame now receives advantages from, as well as uses up, Arcane Blast.

This change enhances the synergy between the new talent and the Invoker’s Cord item, as well as increases the mage’s burst damage potential.

2. Paladin

The effect of Avenger’s Shield that slows down the movement of the target is now correctly classified as a snare.

Similarly, it can be eliminated by effects that remove movement impairing effects.

This change fixes a bug that made the paladin’s shield too powerful in PvP, as it could not be dispelled by normal means.

The amount of mana that is provided to both party and raid members through Seal of Martyrdom has been increased.

Seal of Martyrdom now gives all party and raid members 20% of the damage the paladin receives from the seal, up from 10%.

This change improves the paladin’s utility and survivability in group content, as it provides more mana and healing to allies.

3. Rogue

Blade Dance now grants 10% parry at all ranks instead of increasing parry chance per combo point.

Furthermore, the only benefit of having more combo points is that it increases the duration.

This update simplifies and improves the rogue’s talent by removing the dependence on combo points.

4. Shaman

The amount of mana granted by Shamanistic Rage to both party and raid members has been increased.

Shamanistic Rage now grants 20% of the mana gained by the shaman to party and raid members (10%).

This change boosts the shaman’s role as a mana battery and a support class, as it shares more mana with the group.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, Invoker’s Cord is a valuable item for casters in the SoD, as it enhances their spell damage and healing talent.

Moreover, it can be crafted by tailors who purchase the recipe from a vendor and gather the materials from various sources.

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