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Fortnite Festival No Songs Found: How To Fix It?

Fortnite Festival is a new music and rhythm title that can be found in the Fortnite application.

However, players have reported some issues with the sounds not found on Fortnite Festival.

The Fortnite Festival no songs found error is preventing players from performing their challenges and even playing their mode.

This article will explore No Songs Found and guide you on how to fix this issue in the Fortnite Festival.

An Overview Of Fornite Festival

Fortnite Festival allows you to play in a band with friends or perform solo on stage with hit music by your favourite artists.

Moreover, players can team up to perform their favourite songs or jam together on new mixes.

fortnite-festival Compete against friends
Compete against friends for the best performance to climb the leaderboards in the Fortnite Festival.

The festival has just begun with  Jam Tracks, Music Icons, concerts, and stages.

Hence, the Fortnite Festival features two special modes and they are mentioned below.

1. Festival Main Stage

This is the classic rock band mode where players can perform songs with their band.

In addition, players can form a band with friends and choose a song to perform

Moreover, players can play the song using the standard music game format, hitting the correct button when the note reaches the bottom.

In this mode of the Fortnite Festival, you can hear the song that you have performed.

2. Festival Jam Stage

In this mode of Fortnite Festival, you can chill and perform jamming with your friends.

Players don’t need to go up on stage to play music, they can start jamming from wherever they want.

Moreover, players need to pick a song and instrument, to make their character sing.

Hence, to perform jamming you need to do is walk up to someone who’s already playing and activate your own emote wheel.

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What Are The Issue And How To Fix It?

In the Fortnite Festival, there are issues where the players are not able to find the sound, does not work as intended, preventing players from completing their challenges.

Hence, there is a bug that says no sound found when you try to do the festival main stage quest which is disappointing to players.

No sounds found In Fortnite Festival.
No sounds found a glitch in Fortnite Festival.

However, there are the following fixes that you can apply to resolve this issue.

1. Open The Fortnite Festival From Scratch

First of all, one of the simple ways to fix this issue is to close your game from PC and consoles.

Once you close it make sure that there are no updates on your console and PC.

2. Update Your Setting

If the first step did not work then players need to make some changes in settings.

Hence, head over to the homepage, click on the profile picture and press settings.

Once, you’re in your settings, just scroll across to the settings icon and change your matchmaking region, just one across, it can be left or right.

you must click on play.
Go to the audio and make sure that you’ve clicked on play.

Moreover, again change your region back to what it originally was and make sure that you’ve clicked on play on the audio section.

The Bottom Line

To fix the No Songs Found error in Fortnite Festival, players need to restart the game and try to start their set again.

Moreover, there is also a change to fix this error by making some changes to the settings as mentioned above.

In Summary, the Fortnite Festival includes two experiences: the Festival Main Stage and the Festival Jam Stage.

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