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Mataan Graffiti: Hidden Art Adventures In Bomb Rush Cyberfunk

Just like real-world graffiti, Mataan Graffiti adds a personal touch and showcases player creativity.

Making the game world more vibrant and immersive.

Mataan graffiti refers to artwork created using spray paint on walls and surfaces within the game Bomb Rush Cyberfunk. It serves as a means for players to express themselves and often guides players to hidden areas or adds to the game’s storytelling.

Get ready to explore this vibrant district through expressive art and hidden discoveries.

What Is Mataan Graffiti?

Mataan graffiti is like colorful art spray-painted on walls and surfaces in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk.

It’s a way for players to express themselves and make the game world more vibrant.

In the game, Mataan graffiti can be found in various places throughout the Mataan district.

As you explore the area, look around walls, buildings, and surfaces.

Furthermore, like real-world graffiti, it adds a personal touch and shows off a player’s creativity.

Mataan graffiti isn’t static; it’s interactive, revealing hidden paths through mastered movements like higher jumps.

So, imagine cool and artsy drawings that players create within the game to make it look awesome!

mataan district map
 Map of Mataan District in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk. 

Where Is Mataan Map?

The Mataan map is essential for completing your mission to graffiti bomb the Mataan district, so make sure to execute the jump.

By following these steps, you can successfully reach the Mataan map:

  1. Begin your quest for the Mataan map by starting from the highway in the game.
  2. Look for a distinct setpiece with horns on the high right-side wall, which is a pivotal point for reaching the map.
  3. Grind on the horns setpiece, maintaining balance and momentum along the edge.
  4. Jump off at the precise moment you’re aligned with the floating map suspended in the air.
  5. Remember that you only have one attempt at this jump.
  6. If you fail, you’ll need to exit the area and start over to try again.

How To Access Hidden Graffiti In Mataan?

Here are some steps on how you can Jump Higher and Access Hidden Graffiti in Mataan:

1. Unequip Ride Style

Begin by ensuring that your character is on foot and not using any riding style.

This is crucial for executing the elevated jump technique.

2. Position Yourself

Stand near the fenced area located beside the highway in the Mataan district.

This is the spot you’re aiming to reach with the higher jump.

3. Perform A Ground Trick

Execute a ground-level trick, utilizing any available trick moves in your arsenal.

The type of trick doesn’t matter; the purpose is to set up for the jump.

4. Seamless Jump Transition

Transition smoothly from the trick animation into an immediate jump without delay.

The key here is maintaining a fluid sequence without interruption.

5. Utilize Trick Momentum

Capitalize on the momentum the trick generates to propel your jump to greater heights.

This combined energy enables you to overcome the obstacle posed by the fenced area.

accessing hidden graffiti
Accessing Hidden Graffiti In Mattan.

Following these steps adds depth and excitement to your gameplay experience in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk’s Mataan district.

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Does Mastering Higher Jump Contribute In Mataan District?

Yes, mastering higher jump can contribute to exploring the Mataan district in the following ways: 

1. Enhanced Vertical Mobility

Mastering higher jumps in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk unlocks an essential movement technique in the Mataan district.

Furthermore, it empowers players to access elevated areas that were previously unreachable.

This newfound vertical mobility expands the scope of exploration within the district.

2. Overcoming Fenced Obstacles

Performing a ground-level trick followed by an immediate jump enables players to scale fences and barriers that seemed impossible.

Likewise, this means that areas fenced off along the highway, once considered inaccessible, become explorable.

3. Hidden Secrets And Rewards

By utilizing higher jumps effectively, players can uncover hidden graffiti spots, secret nooks, and other surprises within Mataan.

Similarly, these discoveries not only add to the sense of accomplishment but may also offer rewards, collectibles, or insights into the game’s lore.

4. Encouraging Creative Navigation

Mastering the higher jump technique encourages players to think creatively about their movement.

This opens up avenues for experimentation as players consider different approaches to reach specific spots or bypass challenges.

The district’s intricate design aligns with this creative navigation mindset.

5. Enriched Gameplay Experience

Embracing the art of higher jumps elevates the overall gameplay experience.

It introduces an additional layer of engagement beyond typical movement mechanics.

Moreover, players understand the district’s unique characteristics as they uncover hidden gems and secrets.

The Bottom Line

Mataan graffiti isn’t solely about aesthetics; it’s a dynamic element that weaves creativity, exploration, and immersion into the game’s fabric.

Beyond being colorful art, it’s a tool that guides players, conceals secrets, and tells stories.

Look for these markings in Mataan; they can transform your gameplay into an exploration of personal style and discovery.

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