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Complete Special Donations In Palia: An Ultimate Guide

Special Donations is a discovery in Palia obtained from Zeki during the main plot quest Silver Winging-It!

It entails locating and donating three unique treasures to the Temple of the Gales in the Windy Ruins.

In Palia, there is a special donations quest. You can complete the quest by following Zeki’s instructions and giving him the treasures.

This article discusses how to complete special donations in Palia.

Introduction To Special Donations

Zeki gives Special Donations as a Discovery in Palia during the Silver Winging-It

Thus, you must first speak with Zeki to begin the Special Donations Discovery.

Therefore. he may be located in the Stargazer’s village’s Artisan’s District.

After speaking with him, he will ask you to assist him in locating a few special things to gift to the Temple of the Gales.

interact with zeki in palia
Interact with Zeki to start the quest.
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How To Complete Special Donations In Palia?

Firstly, interact with Zeki and make a deal to find the treasures in different locations.

Then find these treasures as mentioned below:

1. Ancient Symbol Plaques

You can find Ancient Symbol Plaques at the Sunken Ruins and Windy Ruins.

Sunken Ruins ruins may be found in the Sunken Grove region, accessed via the cave entrance on the western side.

Players can find Windy Ruins near Bahari Bay. To get entry, use the teleporter on the eastern side.

Look for tiny, carved stone plaques dispersed around the remains.

2. Ancient Wine Barrel

It can be discovered at random while fishing in several Palia streams.

Therefore, it is a different-looking barrel than the normal wooden ones in Palia.

3. Golden Egg

Players can use Golden Egg, an item used for cooking and in various recipes that require egg.

It is discovered at random when scavenging in various parts of Palia.

golden egg special donation
Find a golden egg, not a regular brown egg.

4. Miniature Airship And Goggles

Ancient Miniature Airship was discovered randomly while using the shovel in various regions of Palia.

Additionally, Gale Seeker Goggles can be created in the Workshop.

5. Golden Ancient Fish

Golden Ancient Fish is a rare and special fish with gleaming scales

Likewise, it can be found randomly when fishing in the Sunken Grove location.

6. Golden Chapaa

These Chapaa are made using the Workshop and as a reward for completing specific tasks or events.

Finally, finish the task by claiming the rewards after giving all the items to the Zeke.

Additional Information For The Quest

Here are some tips to complete the Special Donations quest in Palia.

  1. Use the map to quickly locate the Sunken Ruins, Windy Ruins, and Cloud Ruins.
  2. Use the teleporters in the appropriate areas to go faster.
  3. You may use the mission tracker to keep track of your progress.
  4. If you need assistance or instruction, don’t be afraid to ask other gamers.

The Bottom Line

Special Donations is a fun Discovery in Palia that adds a treasure hunt aspect to the game.

Players can help restore the Temple of the Gales, gaining significant gifts and expanding their Palia experience.

Remember that using the map, teleporters, and quest tracker will greatly help you complete this mission.

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