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How To Perform Fortnite XP Glitch In 2024?

In 2024, players have discovered more ways to accumulate XP by exploiting the new XP glitch in Fortnite.

These glitches are found in the custom map of Fortnite where players have to find secret locations.

For the new Fortnite XP glitch of 2024, players must load the map with their custom code and access the secret area. Moreover, players can gain more than 150,000XP by exploiting this glitch.

Continue reading this article to learn about the new XP glitch of 2024 in Fortnite.

What Are XP Glitches In Fortnite?

XP Glitches are either related to Battle pass quests or undiscovered flaws in the game.

Therefore, players must learn the sectors where these glitches appear in the game to exploit them.

Fortnite 2024 xp glitch
Result of the Fortnite 2024 XP glitch in custom maps.

Some of the XP glitch maps in the game are 7198-1442-2234, 2999-1211-8944, and 6274-8414-2300.

Hence, players can farm XP in these specific maps in the game that are tied to this glitch.

All the glitches in these maps follow a similar pattern that asks players to eliminate targets.

Additionally, these maps contain secret areas that provide AFK exp to players continuously.

How To Load A Custom Glitch Map In Fortnite In 2024?

Custom map is a Creative Mode feature that is available to all the players playing on every platform.

This feature allows creators to make their playable map in the game with trials and rewards.

  1. To load these maps in the game, players must log in to the game and reach the main lobby.
    Loading custom map in fortnite
    Process of loading the custom map in Fortnite.
  2.  Scroll down once to reveal the custom key option in the bottom left corner.
  3. Upon loading the match, players must eliminate the moving targets to gain some minimal XP.
  4. They must move to the center of the map to input the creator-specified secret code.
  5. It will load a secret area within the map to unravel more XP in the game.
  6. Players must finally interact with the hidden “Secret Admin” prompt to activate more XP.

Will The Fortnite 2024 Xp Glitch Get You Banned?

No, the new Xp glitch will not ban players as they are related to some undiscovered issues within the game.

In fact, glitches like these only reach the developers after it becomes popular in the community.

Hence, in cases where the custom XP glitch maps do not load, it means that developers have disabled that map.

Xp glitch map error
The Xp glitch map error occurs if Fortnite removes it from the game.

The disabled map does not load and displays the Matchmaking error issue #1 on the game window.

Therefore, players can assume that using this glitch does not ban the player but the map itself.

In summary, players can exploit this glitch until the developers remove the map from the game.

The Bottom Line

Every glitch is short-lived in the game as it breaks its rules by providing an unfair advantage.

Therefore, players have only a limited time to exploit these glitches until Fortnite removes them permanently.

Hence, they must be active in the Fortnite community and explore articles to discover new XP glitches in the game.

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