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Is The Viewing Cage Removed In Palworld?

In Palworld, players are not finding the viewing cage feature and are wondering if it has been removed.

Generally, players were able to craft the viewing cage when they reached level 15.

However, after the new patch update, there is no sign of the viewing cage in the technology section.

Continue reading to find out more about if the viewing cage is removed in Palworld.

What Is Viewing Cage In Palworld?

Palworld is a fun game with a colourful world where players make friends with Pals, collect them, craft, mine resources and battle for survival.

Recently, players have been talking a lot about the Viewing Cage feature in the game.

In Palworld, the Viewing Cage is a special structure that players can build in their bases.

Viewing cage palworld
You can keep your rare pals inside the viewing cage to show off in your base.

The Viewing cage is a big transparent container where you can put your favourite creatures on display.

Furthermore, the pals you put inside the viewing cage stay safe inside and they do not even have to do any work or fight.

Hence, the viewing cage is a cool way to show off your rare and special pals in the game by putting them on display.

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Is Viewing Cage Removed In Palworld?

Players enjoy the viewing cage feature in Palworld as it allows them to put their rare Pals inside the transparent cage.

However, the Palworld community is buzzing about the news of the removal of the Viewing cage feature in the game.

Players are speculating whether the viewing cage feature is taken out of the game or not.

1. Viewing Cage Removal With New Patch

The news of the absence of the viewing cage in Palworld started to circulate right after a recent update in the game.

Palworld recently introduced a new patch update to the game and players were looking forward to new exciting features.

However, the new patch update let down many players as they noticed the viewing cage was missing in the game.

Players started to realize that the new update removed the viewing cage in Palworld.

Previously, players were able to craft the viewing cage when they got to level 15.

But since the patch update, crafting the viewing cage option is not available anymore at level 15.

Some players are speculating it for a glitch but the viewing cage is not even an unlockable item with Technology points.

This sudden removal of the viewing cage in the game is making players confused about what happened to it.

2. Viewing Cage Available In Single Player Mode

The viewing cage is a big deal as it is effective in showcasing the raze and priceless pals within your bases.

Furthermore, the viewing cage serves not only as a decorative element but also as a practical storage solution.

Hence, it is like a handy place to keep your Pals safe when you are not using them for tasks or battles.

However, the viewing cage is completely removed from the technology section in Palworld.

It is not some oversight or a glitch and is purposely removed by the game developers.

This is because you can find the viewing cage feature in single-player mode but not in multiplayer mode.

Hence, this unexpected removal that came out of the blue is making players argue about whether it is a good idea or not.

Why Is Viewing Cage Removed In Palworld?

Palworld has not officially announced the removal of the viewing cage and the reason behind it.

But the possible reason for the removal of such an interesting feature can be to maintain the game’s stability.

If the game supports the viewing cage in multiplayer environments then it may hamper the game’s server stability.

In the single-player mode, the viewing cage works smoothly as butter as there is no chance of the game’s server congestion.

Viewing cage removed in palworld
The reason for removing the viewing cage in Palworld may be due to server congestion in multiplayer mode.

But as the viewing cage feature seems to work fine in single-player mode, it is still available in it.

Sometimes multiplayer mode does not support heavy features and causes problems like the game running slowly or crashing.

In addition, the game faces performance issues and lags especially when lots of people are playing at the same time.

Possible Way To Bring The Viewing Cage Back

The removal of the viewing cage made a lot of players feel disappointed as they liked the feature.

Players are now not able to show off their rare pals and make their bases unique.

The best way to handle this problem is to make the viewing cage optional in server configurations.

Hence, this will allow the server host to enable or disable the feature based on their server capacity.

So if the game developers are planning to bring the viewing cage back to multiplayer mode then first they must fix crashes in the game.

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