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How To Get Peg E Chips For Free In Monopoly Go?

Free Peg E Chips often help you to play the Peg E Prize Drop event in Monopoly Go.

The Peg E chips, called Peg E tokens, are obtained through events.

In addition, completing events and reaching their milestones provide you with Peg E chips.

Peg E Chips are tokens that let you play the Peg E Prize Drop minigame. To get free Peg E chips in Monopoly Go, you must complete events, seek daily and quick rewards and many more.

Here we will discuss how to get free Peg E chips and other details of Monopoly Go.

What Are Peg E Chips In Monopoly Go?

Many mobile and desktop games use their in-game currency for purchases within the game.

Monopoly Go also uses its own in-game currency, such as dollars, dice and many more.

Peg E chips are also valuable currency for a specific event in Monopoly Go.

Additionally, these Peg E chips allow players to play a minigame called Peg E price drop.

Furthermore, the Peg E price drop allows players to earn rewards and cash for the game.

Free Peg E Chips Monopoly Go
Peg E Chips helps to play the Peg E Prize Drop minigame.

Once you have enough of the Peg E chips with you, you can go ahead and play the Peg E Prize Drop minigame.

Also, the number of Peg E chips required depends on how many chips drops you want.

To gain the Peg E chips, the most common way is by completing other events and milestones.

Once the Peg E Prize Drop event is active, you must complete other events to get Peg E chips as rewards.

In addition, the prize drop minigame is active for five days in total at a specific period of time.

Continue reading on how to play the Prize Drop Event in Monopoly Go.

How To Get Peg E Chips For Free In Monopoly Go?

As mentioned before, completing events and milestones is the most common way to get Peg E chips.

However, there are other free ways to get Peg E chips in Monopoly Go.

Here is a list of all the methods to acquire free Peg E chips.

Events And Tournaments

Whenever the Peg E price drop is active, participate in different events and tournaments.

Additionally, reaching a milestone or completing an event will reward you with Peg E tokens.

Furthermore, you could participate in events such as Wilderness Retreat, Equity Extravaganza and many more.

In addition, Equity Extravaganza is a two-day event that is live and ends on November 5, 2023.

Moreover, once you complete the eighth milestone of Equity Extravaganza, you will receive 8 Peg E chips as a reward.

Similarly, completing other events will likely give you more Peg E chips for free as a reward.

Daily Rewards

Another method that can give you free Peg E chips is daily rewards in Monopoly Go.

You claim these daily rewards every 8 hours in the Shop tab of the game.

In addition, during Peg E being active, you can get the chips as rewards up to 3 times in one day.

Quick Wins

Similar to the Daily Rewards is the Quick Wins method to get free Peg E chips in Monopoly Go.

Additionally, tap on the Wins tab at the bottom of the game screen and gain rewards.

Higher Multiplier

Setting your multiplier to a higher rate can give you higher amounts of peg E chips.

In addition, set your multiplier to 30 and play the minigame to be able to get more amounts of chips.

Prize Chip Bumper

One obvious method of getting free Peg E chips is the Peg E Prize Drop Bumper.

While playing the prize drop minigame, you can get the chips as a reward from the bumper.

Although this other method is not free, you can purchase Peg E chips with real money too.

When you purchase the premium bundle of Monopoly Go, you can get Peg E chips.

The Peg E prize Drop Event

The Peg E Prize Drop Event is a minigame where you can earn Peg E tokens monopoly go.

To be able to play this minigame, you need to acquire Peg E chips through different mediums.

The minigame is similar to an arcade game where you can gain rewards such as cash, dice, and tokens.

Prize Drop Event Peg E Monopoly Go
The Peg E Prize Drop Event provides rewards such as cash, dice and even Peg E chips.

In addition, this minigame can be the easiest way to earn cash or high amounts of dice for the game.

These simple steps can help you earn cash, dice, and other rewards quickly for Monopoly Go.

Yes, there are Peg E Links in Monopoly Go. You can share these with your friends to invite them to play the game and earn rewards.

When you share a Peg E Link, you and your friend will get 1 Peg E chip, which you can use to play the Peg E Prize Drop mini-game.

You can share up to 5 Peg E Links per day, and each link can be used by up to 10 friends.

To share a Peg E Link, you need to go to the Friends tab > the Peg E Link button.

Then, you can choose how to share the link, such as via Facebook, WhatsApp, or SMS.

You can also copy the link and paste it anywhere you want.

The Peg E Hack Monopoly Go 

Players claim to use the Peg-E Hack which involves changing the date and time settings of their devices to get more Peg-E tokens.

Moreover, Peg-E tokens let you play the Peg-E Prize Drop minigame.

However, this hack is risky and unsupported by the game developers.

Additionally, it may result in your account being banned or your data being compromised.

Therefore, it is not relevant to use this hack or any other cheats or generators that claim to give you free items in Monopoly Go.

Instead, you can earn more Peg-E tokens by completing other events and milestones in the game or by purchasing them with real money.

The Bottom Line

Peg E Prize Drop is a minigame that you can play to gain different kinds of rewards.

However, to be able to play the minigame, you will need Peg E chips or tokens.

To get Peg E chips for free, you can play events and tournaments, seek daily and quick rewards and many more.

So, what are you waiting for? Play events in Monopoly Go to gain Peg E chips today!

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