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How To Play Prize Drop In Monopoly Go?

Monopoly Go offers players an engaging and rewarding experience through various in-game events.

One such event, Prize Drop, allows players to enjoy a fun mini-game while earning fantastic rewards.

Prize Drop in Monopoly Go is a limited-time event featuring a Plinko-style mini-game where players can win rewards, such as free dice rolls and in-game money, by strategically dropping Prize Drop chips.

In this article, we will dive into the details of the Prize Drop event and how to make the most of this opportunity.

What Is Monopoly Go, Prize Drop?

Prize Drop in Monopoly Go is a recurring event introducing a mini-game reminiscent of Plinko.

The goal is to drop a token and aim for bumpers, ultimately landing in a slot at the bottom to claim your rewards.

This event runs for a limited time, allowing players to stack up on in-game money and dice.

The current Prize Drop event will continue until November 7, 2023.

How to Play Monopoly Go, Prize Drop?

To get started with the Prize Drop mini-game, follow these steps:

prize drop event monopoly
The Prize Drop Event is limited till 7th November 2023.

When the event is active, tap the Prize Drop token symbol located on the right side of the main game screen.

Choose a multiplier (e.g., x1, x2, x3) to determine how many chips you drop per turn.

Using a higher multiplier can lead to more substantial rewards at the bottom.

Select one of the five red buttons to determine where to drop the chips.

Aim to hit the bumpers during your token’s descent. You can achieve multiple hits with a single drop.

You aim to land in the center hole or as close to it as possible to maximize your rewards.

When you accumulate enough hits on a bumper, you will receive the reward associated with it.

Keep an eye on the rewards bar at the bottom of the game, as it may offer additional sticker packs and dice by completing milestones.

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How To Get More Prize Drop Chips?

Earning Prize Drop chips is essential for participating in the Prize Drop event.

Here are various ways to acquire these valuable chips:

Events And Tournaments

During the active Peg-E Prize Drop event, you can win Prize Drop chips by reaching specific milestones in events and tournaments.

Make sure to check the details of the current event to understand where and how many chips can be obtained.

Shop Rewards

Claim free rewards in the shop every 8 hours.

During the Prize Drop event, these rewards may include Prize Drop chips and free dice.

Quick Wins

Keep an eye on the Quick Wins section, which changes periodically.

When the Prize Drop event is active, you stand a good chance of receiving free Prize Drop chips as you complete various Quick Wins.

Completing a Prize Chip Bumper

It is a special bumper that appears during the Prize Drop event and offers chip rewards.

During Prize Drop, one of the bumpers may offer chip rewards, usually around five chips.

 You can try to aim for this bumper when you drop your tokens from the top of the machine.

The more chips you hit, the more chips you earn for the event.

Purchasing Prize Drop Chips

For those willing to spend real money, Prize Drop chips can be purchased through in-game purchases.

You can buy limited-time premium packs with real money that may contain Prize Drop chips along with dice, stickers, and other goodies.

Make sure to check the pack contents before buying and wait for sales to get the best deals. 

What To Do with Prize Drop Chips?

Prize Drop chips are not mere collectibles; they serve a crucial role in the Monopoly Go Prize Drop event.

Here’s how you can put your Prize Drop chips to good use:

Use the chips to play the Peg-E Prize Drop event.

prize drop reward section
The reward section in Prize Drop determines the Reward you receive.

Observe your token as it bounces, changes direction, and lands at the base.

The slot where your token lands determines the prize you receive.

Prizes include free dice rolls, cash rewards, and more.

By collecting and wisely using Prize Drop chips, you can make the most of the Prize Drop event and enjoy the various rewards it offers.

Rewards From Prize Drop Chips

You can earn rewards from Prize drop chips through regular gameplay and by participating in some specific events.

One of those events is the Equity Extravaganza through which you are able to earn Prize Drop Chips and other rewards.

Here is a table with all the rewards from the Equity Extravaganza:

Event MilestonesPoints NeededObtained Rewards
125Green Sticker Pack
24015 dice rolls
3205 Prize Drop chips
512555 Dice Rolls
750Sticker Pack
8408 Prize Drop Chips
95510 Mins Cash Grab
10325160 dice rolls
114010 Prize Drop chips
1370Sticker Pack Green
158515 Prize Drop Chips
16850475 dice rolls
1790Orange Sticker Pack
1810015 Mins Rent Frenzy
1912020 Prize Drop Chips
211.2K650 dice rolls
22150Green Sticker Pack
2317540 Prize Drop chips
2420070 dice rolls
262K900 dice rolls
2725010 Mins High Roller
2827550 Prize Drop chips
29300Golden Orange Sticker Pack
30400100 dice rolls
3250060 Prize Drop Chips
33600140 dice rolls
34700Blue Sticker Pack
35800Cash Boost
363.8K1.4K free dice rolls
381KBlue Sticker Pack
391.3K100 Prize Drop chips
417K2.5K dice rolls
421.6K20 Mins High Roller
431.55K130 Prize Drop chips
441.7KPurple Sticker Pack
451.8K550 free dice rolls
471.9K600 free dice rolls
482K150 Prize Drop chips
494KGolden Blue Sticker pack
5116K6.7K dice rolls and a sticker Pack

The Bottom Line

The Prize Drop event in Monopoly Go adds an element of excitement and rewards to the game.

You can earn Prize Drop chips by joining events, getting rewards from the shop, or completing Quick Wins.

These chips are keys to unlock exciting prizes like extra dice rolls and in-game money.

Hopefully, with the help of this article, you are able to collect as much as Prize Drop Chips.

Happy Gaming!

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