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A Guide To Unfreeze Frozen Murloc In Tirisfal Glades: WoW

Players are curious about how to find the Frozen Murloc in Tirisfal Glades and unfreeze him.

In WoW’s Season of Discovery, players must melt the Frozen Murloc and free him to earn a valuable rune.

The Frozen Murloc is on the northwest side near the Great Lake in Tirisfal Glades. You must coordinate with your team and minions to shoot your fire powers continuously at the frozen Murloc to melt the ice and receive runes of Chaos Bolt as your reward.

Continue reading to find out more about how to unfreeze Frozen Murloc In Tirisfal Glades in WoW.

What Is Runes Of Chaos Bolt?

Runes of Chaos Bolt are sound-bound and unique runes that you can obtain in WoW.

Furthermore, it belongs to the class warlock in the season of discovery.

The use of the Rune of Chaos bolt is it will teach you a new engraving ability.

Besides, you can use the runes of Chaos Bolt to learn new engraving abilities.

You can earn this reward if you successfully find the frozen Murloc and release him from the ice.

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How To Find The Frozen Murloc In Tirisfal Glades?

In WoW’s Season of Discovery, you can earn runes of Chaos Bolt after unfreezing the Murloc.

You can find Frozen Murloc in the lands of Tirisfal Glades in WoW’s Season of Discovery.

Furthermore, Tirsifal Glades is a region on Lordaeron’s northern coast.

Find the Frozen Murloc in Tirisfal Glades and unfreeze him to earn runes of chaos bolt.

This region is home to the Forsaken and is also inhabited by enemies.

To find the frozen Murloc you must go to the northwest side of the Great Lake.

Besides, you can follow the coordinates 66.3X, and 40.0Y when you reach the Great Lake in Tirisfal Glades.

Unfreeze Murloc From The Frozen Ice In Tirisfal Glades

When you find Murloc, you will find him frozen in a big ice rock near the lake.

Furthermore, you must unfreeze Murloc and get him out of that hard ice rock.

To unfreeze Murloc you must use your spam fire abilities together with your minions and team.

However, unfreezing Murloc from the ice is not as easy as it seems.

FIREBALLS to melt the ice
Shoot a fireball, fireblast, flame strike, pyroblast, etc to melt the ice and free Murloc.

In addition, it task takes a lot of time to melt the ice as it is huge.

Even if you and your team use your fires on the ice it will not melt instantly.

Hence you will need to work a lot by throwing all the fire powers you have multiple times until the ice melts.

Use Your Fire Powers To Melt The Ice

When you and your team use your fire powers, the ice will start absorbing the heat from the fire.

Hence, slowly it will start melting but to make the melting process quick you must coordinate with your team.

When all of the team members continuously shoot their Fire Powers at the frozen Murloc it will melt the ice and free him.

Some fire powers you can utilize to melt the frozen Murloc are given below:

  • You must shoot a fireball as it has a cast of 3.5 seconds so if you are at rank 13 it will give 805 damage.
  • You can use fire blast which gives you instant cast burst damage ability and gives 786 damage at rank 9.
  • You can also summon imp 158 Mama will summon an imp under the command and leave 10 second cast.
  • You can use the Flamestrike which can deal 68 fire damage and has 3 seconds of casting time.
  • You can use Pyroblast as it is the highest single-shot ability that has 1191 fire damage at rank 10.

When you continuously spam fire at the frozen Murloc you will eventually be able to thaw him out.

After you are successful in thawing a Murloc from the ice, he will drop the chaos bolt as your reward.

The Bottom Line

The frozen Murloc in Tirisfal glades adds a new concept to the WoW’s season of discovery.

Hence, it brings the players together as a team to accomplish a task in the game to earn the runes of Chaos Bolt.

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