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What Is Silverwing Sentinel Charm In WoW?

Players are excited about how to obtain the Silverwing Sentinel Charm for valuable rewards.

Sileverwing Sentinal Charm is a crucial item in Ashenvale for boosting your reputation.

To obtain the Silverwing Sentinel Charm, you must defeat Alliance leaders like Ceredwyn, Centrius, and Larodar and Horde Leaders like Jubei, Moogul the Sly, and Tojara. When they fall they will drop Silverwing Sentinal Charm.

Continue reading to learn more about how to obtain Silverwing Sentinel Charm in the WoW Season of Discovery.

PVP Battle For Ashenvale In Season Of Discovery

The new feature in Season of Discovery is the Battle for Ashenvale.

In this new feature, the zone will transform into a world player versus player hotspot.

Hence, many players will meet in this zone for PVP battles.

new mounts
Ride mounts for alliances in Ashenvale.

In this new zone, Horde and Alliance players will fight over territory making the game even more spicy.

Players must also defeat enemies, war masters, and leaders in this zone for survival.

Rewards Of PVP Event In Ashenvale

The PVP event in Ashenvale is unique and has valuable rewards for you.

Furthermore, you can obtain PVP gear, honor points, Warsong Gulch, mounts, etc in this new zone.

When the PVP kills increase in the Ashenvale zone it will show a progress bar on the screen.

defeat war masters
You must kill three Alliance leaders and Horde leaders to obtain Silverwing charm.

After the PVP kills progress bar is full, Alliance leaders called Grove and Horde leaders called Blademasters will spawn.

You must defeat the Alliance leaders like Ceredwyn, Centrius, and Larodar and Horde Leaders like Jubei, Moogul the Sly, and Tojara.

When each of three enemies falls it will drop the Silverwing Sentinal Charm as the quest item.

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What Is Silverwing Sentinel Charm?

The Silverwing Sentinel Charm is a special item that plays a crucial role in the Ashenvale World PvP event.

Silverwing Sentinel Charm is the level 1 item in the WoW Season of Discovery.

Furthermore, this charm binds when picked up and is very unique.

You can obtain the Silverwing Sentinal Charm from a fallen Silverwing Sentinel Combatant.

In addition, this charm will begin a new quest that involves Far Seer in Ashenvale.

earn reputation
You can get Silverwing Sentinel Charm after killing Silverwing Sentinel Combatant.

With the Silverwing Sentinal Charm, you can earn other rewards like resilient headgear, mail coifs, and leather masks.

You can also get rewards like unique mounts like Trainee’s Sentinel Nightsaber for Alliance and Trainee’s Outrider Wolf for Horde.

Moreover, these mounts are of level 25 and have a 3 second cooldown but you can only ride them in Ashenvale.

Clear The Forest Quest In WoW Season Of Discovery

When you obtain the Silverwing Sentinal Charm, it will begin a quest called Clear The Forest.

To complete this quest you must bring the charm to the Far Seer called Kazragore.

Additionally, you can find Kazragore at the Bonfire base in Ashenvale.

When you complete clear the Forest quest you will receive a Warsong Battle drum as a reward.

You will also gain 2000 original experiences, 2790 seasons of mastery experience, and 200 reputations with Ironforge.

Boost Your Reputation With Silverwing Sentinel 

With this event, you can earn a reputation with the Silverwing Sentinels in Ashenvale.

Furthermore, you can also earn a reputation with the Warsong Outriders in this Season of Discovery.

pvp battle in silverwing sentinel charm
Participate in the Ashenvale PVP event to obtain Honor points, reputations, new helm, weapons, etc.

When you earn a reputation with the Silverwing Sentinels, you can obtain new rewards like mounts, new helms, and weapons.

However, the mounts you obtain as a reward in Ashenvale can only be ridden in Ashenvale.

Honor Points And Ashenvale Rallying In PVP Event

The event has new PVP gear, zone-specific mounts, and a valuable world buff called Ashenvale Rallying Cry.

Obtaining Ashenvale Rallying Cry World Buff will increase the damage and healing for 2 hours.

When you participate in the Ashenvale PVP event you can obtain Honor points.

Furthermore, it will also boost your reputation with their Warsong Gluch faction.

Your reputation will increase with Silverwing sentinel for the alliance and Warsong Outriders for Horde.

The Bottom Line

The PVP event in Ashenvale will promote community engagement in the game as many players meet for battle at Ashenvale.

Thus, it is an exciting opportunity for level 25 players to obtain valuable gear before the level cap increases to 40 in phase 2.

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