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Finding The Cure For Antonia In Lies Of P

Many players are curious to find the cure for Antonia in the new game: Lies of P.

In that quest, players are given the choice to save or strangle her to death.

To search for a cure for Antonia in Lies of P, players should obtain the wedding ring from Julian, give the gold coin fruit to Giangio to receive the medicine and give the cure to Polendina.

Continue reading to find the cure for Antonia and know if players should save her or not in this quest line of Lies of P.

Antonia Disease In Lies Of P

Antonia is one of the in-game NPCs whom players can meet in the early game.

She is the rightful owner of Hotel Krat and a friend of Geppetto, the creator of puppets.

Upon the first interaction with the lady, she seems to be quite in pain and facing continuous health issues.

lies of p cure for antonia
Interact with Antonia in Hotel Krat.

Unfortunately, the disease seems to be Petrification, one of the major pandemics in the game.

Antonia has symptoms similar to petrification, like the blue scars on her face, which can gradually turn her into a blue monster.

So, players must find a cure for Antonia to save her from the critical disease.

Other characters, including Giango and the Black Cat, seem to have a similar disease as Antonia.

So, to stop the pandemic in the city of Krat, she opened the Hotel Krat as a safety hub for the survivors.

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Cure For Antonia: The Process

If players are trying to help the old lady suffering from Petrification in Lies of P, they must follow the procedures below;

1. Acquire The Ring

To begin helping Antonia, players should obtain the wedding ring from Julian in the side quest.

For that, players must interact with Julian at the Rose Isabelle Street Cluvert Telephone and select Fetch dialogue.

If players explore the location, they can find the ring, letter and Julian’s dead wife.

Players should take the letter to get the sad gesture from Juliann to get the wedding ring.

2. Get The Medicine

Players should take the ring to the Hotel Krat and be convinced about the love between humans and puppets.

After convincing the receptionist, players should head to the Lost Flower Garden.

Over there, players should give gold coin fruit to Giangio to receive the cure for Antonia.

3. Cure Antonia

Players should again enter the Hotel Krat, one of the main hubs and search for Polendina, the hotel’s receptionist.

lies of p cure for antonia
Talk to the hotel’s receptionist.

In the conversation, select Use The Cure dialogue to progress through.

Players will receive a Rdiant Ergo fragment from Polendina after giving him the medicine to cure Antonia.

The Bottom Line

Searching for a cure for Antonia is an optional quest, so players can either help or leave her to suffer.

If players are willing to save her, they should grab the medicine from the Giangio.

Saving her will unlock rewards like a Cherry-scented letter and a new quest.

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