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How To Complete Uproot The Forgetting Quest In Dreamlight Valley?

The Haunted Holiday Star Path has many mysterious Dreamlight duties.

Some of these Dreamlight duties are quite confusing, like a piece of a puzzle. Uproot the forgetting is one of those confusing duties.

Uproot the Forgetting is a duty from the Haunted Holiday Star Path of Dreamlight Valley. The Star Path has created confusion among players which completes when you remove the said amount of Night Thorns.

This article will explore steps to complete the Uproot The Forgetting Duty of the Star Path.

What Are Night Thorns In Dreamlight Valley?

Night Thorns are the obstacles that cause characters to forget things.

In addition, these little thorny plants can also block locations.

These night thorns also come in different sizes.

  1. Small and round
  2. Medium and round
  3. Large and curled
  4. Large and flat

Furthermore, ten of these night thorns are spawned daily.

However, you can find more of these plants when you are assigned a duty.

Night Thorns in Dreamlight Valley
Night Thorns are the thorny plants which makes characters forget things

You can find these thorns across various locations such as the Plaza or the Forgotten Lands.

Removing night thorns can be a common part of Dreamlight duties.

They can also be featured as duties in Star Paths.

Coins From Night Thorns
You will be able to gain rewards like coins and chests for removing night thorns

Removing night thorns can also provide star coins, chests, seeds and many more.

How To Remove Night Thorns?

You will first encounter Night Thorns when Merlin describes dark magic.

The dark magic in these night thorns works to erase the characters’ memories.

To remove night thorns, just go near one and press E if you are playing on a PC.

However, if you are playing on Nintendo Switch, press A to remove night thorns.

Remove the Night Thorns
Removing Night Thorns is quite easy in Dreamlight Valley

Some areas will be inaccessible due to large amounts of these plants blocking them.

So removing these night thorns can be helpful during this situation.

However, techniques such as magic or power can only be available in some areas.

Removing night thorns also requires a certain amount of power.

So if you do not have enough power, complete a more straightforward Dreamlight duty and return to it later.

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How To Complete Uproot The Forgetting Duty?

Uproot the Forgetting is one of the duties of the Haunted Holiday Star Path.

The Haunted Holiday Star Path is a Halloween-themed Star Path set to end on November 1, 2023.

So, you have to complete as many Star Path duties as possible before time runs out.

In addition, many Star Path duties are not straightforward but like a riddle.

So, you must understand the riddles and complete the tasks.

Uproot the Forgetting is one of those duties which has confused many players.

Reddit Uproot the Forgetting
A Reddit player expressing their confusion on the Uproot the Forgetting duty

Uproot the Forgetting is quite simple and easy to do duty, actually.

You just have to remove the assigned number of Night Thorns.

The name for the quest is confusing but quite fitting.

Because the night thorns’ dark magic erases the memory of the Disney characters.

In other words, the characters forget due to night thorns, so removing these is called Uproot the Forgetting.

Uproot the Forgetting duty
Uproot the Forgetting is a duty of Haunted Holiday Star Path

In the Haunted Holiday Star Path, you must remove 30 Night Thorns.

Then, on the second time, you have to remove 50 Night Thorns.

How To Plant Night Thorns?

You may have known by now the significance of removing night thorns.

However, you will also encounter situations where you must plant these thorny plants.

You have to plant night thorns in the quest for Forgotten Memories.

You’ll be given 25 seeds, of which 15 night thorn plants must grow.

So plant the night thorn seeds in these three locations:

  1. Around the giant Dreamlight Tree
  2. Around the Pillar of Nurturing
  3. Around the Mine entrance and waterfall

You can test planting in all locations by planting and watering one seed.

The Bottom Line

The Haunted Holiday Star Path has many quests and duties. However, some of the duties are not straightforward but a riddle.

Uproot the Forgetting is no exception and has confused many players.

Night Thorns in Dreamlight Valley is a thorny plant that has dark magic.

The dark magic of the plant causes the Disney characters to forget.

So, removing these plants completes the Uproot the Forgetting duty.

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