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Give Me A Sign: Disney Dreamlight Valley

A Give Me a Sign is a new quest in Dreamlight Valley that requires you to unlock Goofy’s Stall.

Players must complete all the quests to unlock specific unique rewards.

Give Me a Sign in Dreamlight Valley is Goofy’s quest that will begin after collecting the broken half sign of his stall in the Eternity Isle. 

Continue reading to find out about the Give Me A Sign quest in the Dreamlight Valley. 

Give Me A Sign In Dreamlight Valley

In Eternity Isle, it is necessary to collect the broken half sign to begin the Give Me a Sign quest.

Disney Dreamlight Valley populated by Disney and Pixar characters.
Dreamlight Valley is a magical valley with various biomes populated by Disney and Pixar characters.

Moreover, to find the broken sign, players need to head down the stairs that led them to the Ancient Gate.

After reaching the Ancient Gate, take a left to find a few wooden boxes, and the broken sign is kept on top of them.

Furthermore, in the wooden boxes, you will find the Robot Hat and Robot Costume, wear them and speak to Eve.

During the conversation, the player needs to investigate the Best Fish Ever recipe that will provide them with a reward.

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Unlocking The Goofy’s Stall

Completing the Give Me a Sign quest and unlocking Goofy’s stall is compulsory before making the recipe.

Hence, the player needs to pick the sign to start the Give Me a Sign quest which they present to Goofy and talk to him about the stall.

Give me a sign, new quest in Dreamlight Valley.
Give me a sign quest in Dreamlight Valley contains multiple parts for the players to complete.

Furthermore, Goofy will ask you to gather the following items to fix the mess that was made while collecting the broken half sign.

  • 25 Copper: Players can mine this metal from the copper rocks from most of the habitat. The easiest way to get copper is from the Docks or the Courtyard.
  • 12 Plastic Scrap: Fish for plastic bags in the water without ripples, and you will find plenty of plastic scraps.

After gathering coppers and plastic scrap, head back to Goofy to fix and unlock it. As a reward, he will give you Cumin seeds.

Hence, now you can get back to preparing the Best Fish Ever recipe for Eve.

Who Is Goofy In Dreamlight Valley?

Goofy plays a large role in the day-to-day aspects of Disney Dreamlight Valley and was included in the game on September 6, 2022.

While he loves fishing and taking photographs, Goofy also runs various stalls that can be unlocked throughout the village.

Goofy is one of the few characters that stayed in the Valley even after many people left.
Increasing the friendship level with Goofy can get you to unlock further quest lines with some characters.

Goofy helps players to find necessary materials and ingredients quickly and efficiently.

Moreover, the following table shows all the Goofy quests that players need to complete in Dreamlight Valley.

Fishing ExpeditionFishing Expedition introduces you to Fishing, as well as upgrading Goofy's Stall and purchase special materials.
A Warm WelcomeA brief quest includes cooking a meal for Goofy to make him feel happy.
Photographic MemoryGoofy asks you to take pictures of an Apple Tree, Raspberry Bush, and Banana Tree when they are full of fruit.
The Mysterious WreckRepairs a destroyed boat on Dazzle Beach and enables you to meet and then bring back Ariel to the valley.
Photo FervorExplore the valley and snap various landmarks for the scrapbook!
Scrapbook BlitzA final at Friendship Level 10, where you finishing off the Scrapbook.
Give Me a SignStart right after collecting the broken half sign.

The Bottom Line

Give Me A Sign is a quest in Dreamlight Valley that brings the Goof’s Stall Sign to Goofy.

Furthermore, gathering Mine for Copper in rocks and Fish for Plastic Scrap around the Ancient Landing is mandatory.

Hence, completing the duty in Dreaming City can even provide you with some rewards.

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