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Give The Encrypted Slate To Alex: Unlock The Code

Many players are searching for a way to give the Encrypted Slate to Alex in Starfield.

The Encrypted Slate is a mysterious object that holds a piece of important information or data.

The Encrypted Slate contains a secret message written in a code that is hard to break. The players must find it out to hand it over to Alex Shadid so that he can break the code and find out the secret message.

Continue reading to learn more about the encrypted Slate and whether or not to give it to Alex Shadid.

What Is The Encrypted Slate?

The Encrypted Slate is a valuable item that can be sold to merchants for a large sum of money in Starfield.

Additionally, it is designed to keep its contents hidden from unauthorized access.

It is first discovered in the mission On The Run, where players must track down a criminal named Marco Graziani.

Marco possesses the Encrypted Slate, so the players have two choices:

  • Kill Marco Graziani
  • Persuade Marco Graziani to hand the Encrypted Slate over.

Once the player has it, they can give it to Freestar Collective Agent Alex Shadid.

Shadid can decrypt the Slate where the First Cavalry, a powerful criminal organization plan, gets revealed.

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How To Give The Encrypted Slate To Alex?

By following these steps, you can safely and securely give the encrypted slate to Alex while maintaining confidentiality:

1. Travel To Akila City

You can find Alex Shadid in Akila City, located on the planet Akila.

Travel to planet Akila using your starship’s navigation system, then select the city as your landing destination.

After that, go to the Rock, you can take a taxi or walk.

The Rock is a large building that houses the headquarters of the Freestar Collective.

Akila City
Travel to Akila city by using Spaceship.

2. Contact Alex Shadid

Reach out to Alex through a secure and private communication method.

You can use a phone to call, text messages or encrypted messaging.

Arrange a safe and convenient place to meet with Alex.

If you’re concerned about physical safety, choose a secure virtual platform; otherwise, it could be in a person.

3. Find Alex Shadid

You can take an elevator to reach the upper levels of the Rock, where you will find Alex Shadid.

Once on the top floor, turn left and walk down the hallway until you see Alex.

You can now talk to him; he will ask if you have the Encrypted Slate.

Select the dialogue option to give him the Encrypted Slate.

find alex shadid
Find Alex Shadid in Akila City.

4. Share The Encrypted Slate

Firstly, ensure you have the encrypted slate ready, meaning you’ve already encoded your data using the encryption method, password or encryption software.

Finally, you can provide Alex with the encryption key or password to decrypt the slate.

In a virtual meeting, share this information securely through the same communication method.

5. Ensure Secure Handling

Remind Alex to handle the encrypted slate carefully, and they know how to use the encryption key or password.

He will decrypt the Encrypted Slate, which will take a few seconds.

After the decryption, he will share you the message which is:

The First Cavalry, a powerful criminal organization, is planning a major attack on the Freestar Collective.

Is It Better To Give The Encrypted Slate To Alex?

Yes, it is better to give the Encrypted Slate to Alex. Here are some reasons why:

  • Alex Shadid is a trusted member who will use the Encrypted Slate to help the Freestar Collective.
  • He has the resources and expertise to decrypt the Encrypted Slate, from which he can learn about the First Cavalry’s plan.
  • Alex is a good guy who will always fight for the right side.
  • The Slate is critical to help the player progress in Starfield’s main story.
  • There are no disadvantages upon giving the Slate to Alex, meaning no loss of any items or rewards.
Give the Encrypted Slate to Alex.

The Bottom Line

The Encrypted Slate is an important object containing a message about the First Cavalry’s secret plan.

Moreover, you should consider giving Alex the Encrypted Slate, as he will help the Freestar Collective.

Therefore, there are no cons to giving the slate to Alex. Instead, it has many advantages including the credits. 

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