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Starfield: Should You Send Report To Bayu Or Not?

Bayu is a powerful and influential businessman and politician, but his role is still largely unknown.

You can interact with Benjamin Bayu, and he can offer you opportunities.

He is a powerful figure who is rumored to be affiliated with the Seokguh Syndicate, a criminal organization.

 In Starfield sending the report to Bayu or not depends on players’ playstyle and role-playing preferences. However, it would be better not to send the report due to his history.

Continue reading to clear your decision whether to send the report to Bayu or not.

Who Is Bayu In Starfield?

Benjamin Bayu is a fictional character who is the administrator of the city of Neon.

He is the CEO and majority shareholder of Xenofresh Fisheries and a Freestar Collective’s Council of Governors member.

Bayu features in the Guilty Parties mission, where the player can talk to him or not.

benjamin bayu in starfield
Benjamin Bayu, the administrator of the city of Neon in Starfield.

He can offer you a job or permit you to enter the Syndicate area without any resistance if you decide to talk.

However, you must do a job for Bayu or pass a Persuasion check.

Bayu is rumored to be corrupt and known for controlling a drug called Aurora, which is a big deal in Neon.

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Send Report To Bayu Or Not In Starfield

Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to send the report to Bayu depends upto the player.

If you are unsure of the decision, you can check out the pros and cons listed below:

Pros Of Send The Report To Bayu In Starfield

  • Bayu might offer you rewards, such as credits, items, opportunities, or information for your loyalty.
  • It can earn you his favor and protection in the Neon, especially when you need his influence or resources.
  • Improves your reputation with certain groups, leading you to their resources and support.
  • Therefore, you can avoid negative consequences, such as punishment or retaliation from Bayu.
  • Sending the report is the right thing to do morally or ethically.
  • This decision often aligns with the main questline, which helps you progress through the game’s narrative.

Cons Of Send The Report To Bayu In Starfield

  • He can use the report against you if you work against him and his interests.
  • Sending the report can put you in danger as Bayu is involved in illegal activities.
  • Moreover, sending the report may compromise your own moral code or values.
  • Sending Bayu the information he doesn’t want to know can make him angry.
  • Trusting him can lead you to unexpected conflicts or betrayals.
  • Aligning with Bayu can even harm your reputation.
  • Therefore, Bayu may simply ignore the report or take no action against it.

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to send the report to Bayu is upto the players.

Players must consider both short-term and long-term advantages and consequences of their choice to make an informed decision.

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