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Godly Display In Xenoverse 2: Acquire And Dominate

In Xenoverse 2, players can purchase skills, clothing, accessories, super soul, CC mascot, and artwork.

Skills such as Soaring Fist, Divine Kamehameha, and Godly Display are also available.

Godly Display is an extraordinary, decisive move that Goku, a famous character in the game uses. 

Godly Display is a powerful Strike Ultimate Attack in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 that Goku and your CaC can use if you have the Extra Pack 2 DLC.

Continue reading to learn more about Godly Display and how to get it in Xenoverse 2.

What Is Godly Display In Xenoverse 2?

When you first use Godly Display, it feels like you’ve activated your super soul as it does a whole health bar and a half of damage. 

First, you must be in Strike mode to use the Godly Display.

Once you are in Strike mode, press the Ultimate Skill button to use this display.

Then Goku charges forward and hits the opponent fast with many kicks.

After that, he forms a giant energy ball and throws it at the opponent.

Therefore, the energy ball’s strength depends on how much power Goku has left.

If the opponent manages to dodge the energy ball, Goku can use some of his remaining power to chase them down and keep attacking.

It is a solid and flashy move that can deal much damage in the game.

Moreover, it is a rush attack followed by a massive Ki Blast; the more Ki you have left, the stronger it gets.

However, ensure you have a lot of Ki before you use it, or you may leave yourself vulnerable to attack.

godly display xevoverse 2
Godly Display damage: 18k, which is almost 2 bars.
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How To Get Godly Display In Xenoverse 2?

Godly Display is a DLC-exclusive move, so you must purchase the Extra Pack 2 DLC to get it.

Since Godly Display is rotated in and out and not always available in the TP Medal Shop, you must wait until it rotates back in.

Once it is available in the TP Medal Shop, you will need to have 500 TP Medals to purchase it.

Once you have purchased it, you can equip it by going to the Partner Customization menu and selecting the Ultimate Skills tab.

Skill shop xenoverse 2
You must have 500 TP Medals to purchase the Godly Display from the Skill Shop.

There is an alternative way to get the Display immediately, but it requires you to change the date on your console.

  • Disconnect your console from the internet
  • Go to the system settings
  • Change the date to September 10, 2020

After doing this, go to the system settings to see that Godly Display is now available for purchase.

However, changing the date on your console may result in a ban from online play, so please use this method at your own risk.

The Bottom Line

Godly Display is a very effective move that your character can use, costing you a lot of Ki.

Participate in online battles or Parallel Quests to earn more TP Medals to purchase Godly Display.

Likewise, check the TP Medal Shop regularly, as the availability of moves often rotates.

Hence, obtaining certain moves in Xenoverse 2 can take time, so be patient and persistent.

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