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Is Kobold AI Safe? Legal Considerations

AI models are not safe and trustworthy, as they may create inappropriate or harmful content. One should select a safe and suitable AI model, which is crucial.

Similarly, Kobold AI is a browser-based front-end for AI-assisted writing with multiple local and remote AI models.

Kobold AI offers several features in various fields, such as robotics, gaming, etc. However, the safety of Kobold AI depends on how you use it. Importantly, you shouldn’t violate its terms and conditions.

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What Are The Features Of Kobold AI?

Kobold AI is an open-source project. It aspires to offer a free and customizable alternative to AI Dungeon and similar services.

With multiple local and remote AI models, KoboldAI provides AI-assisted writing through a browser-based front end.

Moreover, Kobold AI enables models such as GPT-3, GPT-Neo, GPT-J, and others.

It generates text based on your prompts, memory, world info, and author’s note.

Tavern AI
One can use Travern AI with Kobold AI.

It features adjusting the AI settings such as temperature, top-p, repetition penalty, and depth to produce fine-tuned output.

Additionally, users can write in different modes of writing, such as adventure mode, story mode, and custom mode.

It permits users to write custom scripts in Lua or Python, enhancing your writing experience.

For instance, use the scripts to add interactive elements, modify the generated text, create custom commands, etc.

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Is Kobold AI Safe?

Regarding Kobold AI’s safety, it depends on your definition. It differs in the case of censorship and security reliability.

1. In Case Of Censorship

Kobold AI is relatively safe from censorship or moderation. It does not set restrictions or filters on the content you create or the models you use.

Although you shouldn’t exclusively focus on the legal and ethical implications of your writing, you should still be aware of their terms of service.

Any consequences that might arise from using the software are not the responsibility of Kobold AI.

2. In Case Of Security Reliability

Regarding technical or security reliability, Kobold AI is also relatively safe.

It doesn’t collect or store any personal information or user-generated content.

Notably, one should take precautions to protect their privacy and data.

When using remote models, you can use a VPN or proxy service to protect your privacy and data.

You can encrypt your files before saving them on your computer or online. Additionally, it would be best to make regular backups of your work.

Hence, Kobold AI is not responsible for any loss or damage from its utilization.

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Tips To Use Kobold AI Safely

The safety of Kobold AI depends on how the user uses it. Here are some tips for using your Kobold AI safely;

  1. Don’t share explicit content with Kobold AI; respect and follow its terms and conditions.
  2. Kobold AI may be vulnerable to hacking or interception. Therefore, you shouldn’t share personal or sensitive information such as passwords, credit card numbers, addresses, etc.
  3. Do not rely on the information provided by Kobold AI. You should always confirm any information the Kobold AI yields with reliable sources.
  4. Try to use your judgment and common sense when following any advice or suggestions from Kobold AI.
  5. Moreover, always use Kobold AI responsibly and respectfully.
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The Bottom Line

Kobold AI follows strict guidelines making a safe and suitable platform for children.

Moreover, it ensures that the content it provides is appropriate and helpful.

In contrast, parents and guardians can also set up parental controls to further enhance safety measures.

To conclude, Kobold AI is an excellent option for enjoying AI-generated writing.

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