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Breaking Down The Instagram Settlement: New Update

Have you heard about Instagram Settlement? You might be eligible for a share of a million Settlement.

This Settlement addresses the allegations of the Company collecting private data from users and illegally selling it to advertisers.

The Instagram Settlement compensates affected users and obliges Instagram to protect user privacy breaches. You can claim money from it depending on the Settlement you refer to.

This article will break down the Instagram Settlement and explain how to claim the money.

What Is Instagram Settlement?

Let’s get used to the social-media Settlement before we proceed to the Instagram Settlement.

Social media Settlement means a legal agreement between the social media Company and its users who have filed a lawsuit against violating their privacy.

For example, Meta has agreed to pay $725 million to settle a lawsuit that claimed Facebook allowed personal user data to a third party without users’ consent.

Similarly, Instagram Settlements refer to lawsuits involving Instagram and its parent company over collecting and using biometric data without users’ consent.

The main purpose of lawsuits is to protect users’ privacy and to find damages for the alleged violation of an Illinois state law.

Does Instagram Have A Settlement?

Instagram, owned by Meta, has faced two lawsuits, like Facebook’s Settlement, over collecting biometric data without users’ consent.

These lawsuits were based on the state law that requires written consent for biometric data collection.

One lawsuit filed in 2012 was settled in 2020 for $5.3 million and was distributed to users who downloaded certain social media apps between 2009 and 2012.

The lawsuit alleged that Instagram violated users’ privacy. It changed its terms of service to allow it to sell users’ photos without their permission.

Another lawsuit filed in 2020 is still pending and could cost up to $5,000 per violation for 100 million Instagram users.

The lawsuit accuses Instagram of violating an Illinois law requiring written permission to collect biometric data.

Who Is Eligible For The Instagram Settlement?

Illinois Instagram users could receive a payment from the settlement if they appeared in a photo on the app between May 1, 2015, and April 25, 2022, while residing in Illinois.

The settlement is based on a lawsuit that accused Instagram of violating the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA) by collecting and storing the biometric data of users without their consent.

The settlement amount is $100 million, but the exact payment per user is not yet determined and depends on the number of valid claims submitted.

The deadline to file a claim is September 24, 2023, and users can do so online at

How Can I Check If I Am Eligible For The Settlement?

Before checking whether you are eligible for the Instagram Settlement, you must know which lawsuit you are referring to.

As long as you are eligible for any Settlements, you must visit the respective websites and submit a claim within the timeline.

In the event that you are concerned about the 2012 lawsuit, it was already settled in 2020.

If you are concerned about the 2020 lawsuit, visit the top-class actions and sign up for their newsletter for updates.

Additionally, you can contact [email protected] to the lawyers at this email.

Note: The deadline to file a claim for the 2020 lawsuit is not clearly mentioned, but it was filed in August 2020.

How Can I Claim Money From Instagram Settlement?

You can claim money from the Instagram Settlement depending on the Settlement you are referring to.

If you are trying to claim the 2020 lawsuit, you may have to wait until the case is resolved and a Settlement website is created for users to file their claims.

The deadline for filing the claim for the 2012 lawsuit was Oct 2020, and payments were distributed in Feb 2021. Hence you cannot claim money from that Settlement now.

If you want to file a claim for purchase issues with Instagram, you can do it with the steps below:

  1. First of all, go to your order history.
  2. Then, select the order that you have an issue with.
  3. Now, tap the File Claim option and answer the question that may appear on the screen.

You must file a claim within 180 days of placing an order.

The Bottom Line

Instagram Settlement is a rare opportunity that protects your personal information from misuse.

You could get a Settlement if you use Instagram and care about your privacy.

Don’t miss this opportunity to claim your share of the Settlement.

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