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How To Obtain The Goretusk Haunch In WoW ?

In World of Warcraft: Season of Discovery, players should collect the Goretusk Haunch as one of the quest times.

Similarly, players must obtain the Goretusk Haunch to complete the quest of unlocking the Beast Mastery Druid Runes.

In World of Warcraft: Season of Discovery, players can acquire the Goretusk haunch by defeating the Goretusk enemies in Westfall. Bosses like Young Goretusk and Goretusk drop it as a boss drop upon defeating them. 

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World Of Warcraft: An Overview Of Goretusk Haunch

In WoW,  players must collect several items from the Druid Runes collection.

Likewise, players must collect the Goretusk Haunch item while unlocking the Rune of Beast Mastery Rune.

Rune of Beast Mastery is one of the several runes players can obtain from the game; it is specially designed for the hunters.

Moreover, it is a  unique quest item of level 1 that hunters use to lure the nearby creatures.

Players must explore the enigmatic Alliance Territory of Westfall to find the Goretusk Haunch in WoW.

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Obtain The Goretusk Haunch In WoW

Knowing the location of the Goretusk Haunch is vital to proceeding forward with unlocking Beast of Mastery runes.

In the perilous world of WoW, players should embark on their journey to the Alliance territory of Westfall.

Upon reaching the area of Westfall, players should kill Goretusk members to obtain the Goretusk Haunch.

Similarly, players can obtain it as a boss drop item after they kill the Goretusk Bosses.

Players must kill the Young Goretusk and Goretusk to get the item in WoW.

GoreTusk Haunch In WoW
A Description of the item in Season of Discovery.

However, players must be careful while battling these bosses as they belong to levels 12-13 and can provide some heavy damage.

The probability of players obtaining it is pretty low as these opponents have only a 0.01% drop chance from a pool of 139,495.

Similarly, Goretusks of level 14 -15 only has the probability of a 0.01% drop from the pool of 66,812.

Moreover, players must battle Young Goretusk at night and Goretusk during the day to secure an easy kill.

Unlocking The Rune Of Beast Mastery

Players can use the obtained item to unlock one of the Runes called Beast Mastery.

Similarly, defeating the Goretusk tribe to attain an item is not merely a rewarding victory; it also aids in unlocking the Beast of Mastery.

Once in possession of the item,  hunters can use it as bait to summon the Silverspur.

Players have to place the bait at the coordinates (35,38) and wait for one of the Formidable opponents called Silverspur.

Rune Of Beast Mastery
A description of the Rune of Beast Mastery.

After some time, Silverspur appears as a final task for players to attain the Rune Of Beast Mastery.

Likewise, players have to battle Silverspur and defeat him to obtain the powerful Beast mastery Rune.

Acquiring this hidden rune enhances the player’s abilities and assists them in becoming experienced hunters in WoW.

The Bottom Line

In World of Warcraft: Season of Discovery, hunters must collect several items to enhance their gaming abilities.

Obtaining the Goretusk Haunch not only enhances the player’s hunting skills but also assists them in obtaining the Beast of Mastery Rune.

In Summary, players can obtain it as a boss drop by defeating the bosses from the Horedusk tribe.

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