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Does The Great Eagle Bow Break? Repair Guide

The Great Eagle Bow is the legacy of the Rito Village in The Legend of Zelda: The Tears of The Kingdom.

It integrates three arrows from a single material and arrow.

Additionally, it provides extremely powerful combinations and can easily destroy the whole enemy.

The Great Eagle Bow can break after approaching the limit of its durability. However, one can reobtain it by accomplishing the Hebra Regional Quests or visiting the Momoshik Shrine.

This article elaborates on the ideas to reobtain and repair the Great Eagle Bow if broken. 

The Great Eagle Bow Durability

After accomplishing the Wind Temple and the Hebra Regional quests, the player achieves the Great Eagle Bow.

Furthermore, a Player must collect five planks of wood, three diamonds and one swallow bow and handover to its retired owner, Teba.

The one swallow bow respawns on the occurrence of the blood moon.

The Great Eagle Bow is a beneficial acquisition in fighting against enemies or aiming to complete difficult quests.

It boosts the ability to shoot three projectiles simultaneously, though only one arrow will be used for each shot.

The Great Eagle Bow
Acquiring the Great Eagle Bow.

The Great Eagle Bow is found in Rito Village, part of the Rito Gear archetype.

Moreover, it provides a damage output 28×3 and is one of the toughest Bows with a durability of 65.

Does The Great Eagle Bow Break?

Yes! The Great Eagle Bow breaks after reaching its durability in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Similarly, the Revali, the Rito Champion, fails to retain the arrow with the speed of Gale.

However, there’s an excellent possibility of repairing back the Great Eagle Bow.

How To Repair The Broken Great Eagle Bow?

Previously, players had to collect wood, diamonds and a swallow bow to obtain the Great Eagle Bow, which was frustrating.

However, you can easily repair the bow following the Rock Octoroks near Death Mountain.

You can follow the steps outlined below to repair the broken Great Eagle Bow using Rock Octorok;

  1. Head towards the Momosik Shrine with the coordinates (3990, 1630, 0128), and you will find three Octoroks over there. 
Momoshik Shrine Location
Location of the Momoshik Shrine
  1. Throw your broken bow in front of a Rock Octorok. It will inhale it, repair and upgrade your bow before it spits it back. 
Eagle Bow infront of Rock Octorok
Throw the Eagle Bow in front of Rock Octorok.
However, the Rock Octorok will not repair the Great Eagle Bow. It will immediately spit it out without repairing it. So, you can trick them with the following guidance. 
  1. Fuse your bow into a non-legendary weapon or shield, such as the Sturdy Stick.
Fusing the Eagle Bow
Fuse the Eagle Bow with the non-legendary weapon.
  1. After you fuse them, drop them in front of the Rock Octorok. It will then repair both of the weapons; the Sturdy Stick and the Eagle Bow. However, there will be no upgrade to the Eagle Bow.
  2. Then, bring the bow and the fused weapon to the Break-A-Part-Shop in Tarrey Town.
The Tarrey Town
 Visit the Break-A-Shop in Tarrey Town to diffuse the Eagle Bow from non-legendary weapons.
  1. Pay 20 rupees to diffuse the Eagle Bow and Sturdy Stick. Hence, you can recover the Eagle Bow in good condition.
However, remember that the Rock Octorok repairs a weapon per the Blood Moon. You need to visit another Rock Octorok to repair the next weapon. 

The Bottom Line

The Great Eagle Bow is one of the legendary weapons in TotK which helps you defend the enemy easily.

I hope this article aids you in repairing the Great Eagle Bow more conveniently.

However, you need to utilize the bow wisely according to the requirement.

Continue reading to discover how to repair the broken Fierce Deity Sword and Lightscale Trident.
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