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Explore The Locations Of Bigfoot Cave In GTA 5

Bigfoot Cave is one of the hidden mysteries in GTA 5 that allures many players to find it.

Some players encounter Bigfoot during specific missions which adds to the curiosity of finding where it lives.

Players have discovered two hidden Bigfoot caves while exploring the dense forest and secluded areas of the game that may be the home of Bigfoot. However, according to the Rockstar games, there is no Bigfoot cave in the GTA 5 map.

Continue reading to learn more about the location of Bigfoot Cave in GTA 5.

What Is A Bigfoot In GTA5?

In GTA 5, Bigfoot is a mythical creature that inhabits the forest of San Andreas.

Furthermore, it is a large hairy ape-like creature that is like an Easter Egg in the game.

Big Foot is not a central character in the main storyline of GTA 5 and does not have a link to any missions.

However, it adds an element of mystery and excitement for players who enjoy exploring the game’s open world.

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When Can You Spot Bigfoot In GTA 5?

Bigfoot is featured in specific missions like Predator and The Last One in GTA 5.

Many players can see the Bigfoot while completing the Predator mission to hunt the O’Neil Brothers.

BigFoot in GTA 5
You can spot Bigfoot while completing the Predator and The Last One mission in GTA 5.

Furthermore, you can spot him during the O’Neil hunt by using a rifle with a thermal scope while in the woods of Cassidy Creek.

If you attempt to shoot the Bigfoot with the rifle, nothing happens and he will disappear after being spotted.

Location Of Bigfoot Cave In GTA 5

There are some hidden caves in the map of San Andreas which may be the home of the Bigfoot in GTA 5.

Many players have encountered two big caves on the map while exploring the dense forest and secluded areas of the game.

However, as of the last available information, no official Bigfoot Cave has been confirmed by Rockstar Games.

1. Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness

One of the hidden caves in GTA 5 is in the Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness.

Furthermore, the cave is huge and there are some writings on the walls that may have links to Bigfoot.

The writings on the wall say Give Me Your Eye and Praise Him so it is likely to be the home of Bigfoot.

First bigfoot cave
The first hidden Bigfoot cave is in the secluded area of the Chiliad Mountain hills.

2. Tongva Hills

The second hidden cave is near San Andreas city in the Tongva Hills.

Furthermore, the cave on the Tongva Hills is comparatively bigger than the first cave in GTA 5.

Second Bigfoot cave
Go to the top of the Tongva hills to find the second hidden cave in GTA 5.

Hence, you may encounter Bigfoot if you keep checking these caves in GTA 5.

The Bottom Line

Bigfoot’s presence in GTA 5 is more of a fun and hidden aspect rather than the crucial part of the game.

Furthermore, you can find the Bigfoot cave by exploring the map and participating in various missions.

So, go to the caves in the Chiliad Mountains Hills and Tongva Hill to find the Bigfoot in GTA 5.

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