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Explore The New Everfriend Theme In Royale High

Royale High gives a surprising change to the game’s aesthetics with a new theme called the Everfriend.

The new theme is gaining all the hype as players are curious to know all sorts of cool things inside the new update.

Royale High Everfriend theme introduces new updates and changes to the UI by replacing the Christmas decorations with the new Valentine decorations. In this new update, the Castle’s heart is decorated with pink flowers, teddy bears, and string lights to reflect the love season.

Continue reading to learn more about new updates in the Royale High Everfriend theme.

A New Everfriend Event Theme In Royale High

Royal High introduces a new event theme called Everfriend by removing the Christmas Glitter Frost theme.

Furthermore, the Everfriend theme started on December 30, 2023, and is full of surprises to celebrate the festive season.

castle's heart for everfriend
The Castle’s heart balconies, floor, and stairs are decorated with pink flowers to reflect Valentine’s theme.

In the Everfriend theme, the castle’s heart gets a makeover for a sparkling new look alongside new updates. 

Hence, Everfriend adds romantic charm and magical feelings to Royal High for the upcoming Valentine’s season.

1. Changes To The UI

In the new update, you can find various changes to the UI that add freshness to the game.

For instance, the Castle’s heart is decorated with pretty flowers making the hall look feminine.

Furthermore, Royale High also upgrades the Student Dormitories with the magical changes of Everfriend on January 1, 2024.

Hence, the Student Dormitories upgrades add the Sidebar UI to the dorms, making things look even better for players.

2. New Everfriend Furniture Items

This new update includes Everfriend furniture items, like the cute Paper Rose and the fancy Wrapping Roses for Castle Architecture Column.

Furthermore, you can also find the magical Petals and Leaves Trail and the classy Rose Vie in the new furniture items.

The new furniture items allow players to decorate their virtual places with Everfriend charm in Royale High,

Hence, you can buy The Paper Rose at 200 diamonds and use it for your dorm decorations in the game.

Wrapping paper decorations
Wrapping Roses for the Castle Architecture Column will cost you 650 diamonds in the game.

You can buy the wrapping rose for 650 diamonds to give a stylish finish to the Castle’s architecture.

Likewise, the petals and leaves trail will cost you 700 diamonds for dorm decorations in Royale High.

If you want a sophisticated dorm decoration option, go for Rose Vie, which costs you 800 diamonds.

3. Changes In Different Locations Of The Castle

You can find many changes in the different locations of the game with the Everfriend theme.

For instance, if you go to the castle’s fireplace, it is completely updated.

Poppy’s area, which was decorated for Christmas or Glitter Frost, also has significant changes.

You can find the changes in the flooring and the lockers are also recolored to match the theme.

In addition, there are new string lights and other decorative elements around the game.

However, you can spot glitches in certain castle areas like hearing Christmas decorations on balconies.

4. Evefriend Valentines Update

The Everfriend theme has multiple waves and one of the waves is the Valentine’s update for 2024.

The aesthetic of the new update for Everfriend’s Valentine is flowers, teddy bears, lights, and pinkish.

Teddyzilla in royale high
As you wander around the castle, you will find giant teddy bears in different colors that add to the beauty of the Everfriend.

The best part about this new theme is you will find Teddyzilla in various locations of the castle.

Hence, Teddyziila are giant teddy bears lying on the ground as you wander the castle’s heart.

Additionally, there is a chance that you will get a new Valentine’s theme plushie in the first wave of Everfriend.

The Bottom Line

The Everfriend theme in the Royal High Valentine’s Day Update 2024 brings a mix of love and creativity.

So get ready for more changes and updates in the Everfriend theme as the game updates the castle.

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