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Find The Pug Location In GTA 5 Online

In GTA 5 online, many players wonder about the possible location of the Pug, one of the animals in the game.

Similarly, players can participate in a Wildlife photography challenge where they have to take a photograph of the animals.

In GTA 5 online, players can spot pugs in various locations on the map such as  Rockford Hills, Mirror Park, etc.  Similarly, you can potentially find the Pug if you explore the area around Michael’s Home.

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GTA 5 Online: An Overview Of Pug

GTA 5 allows players to experience its dynamic integration of elements that include cities, animals, and multiple characters.

Similarly, players can participate in Wildlife Photography, one of the quests in GTA 5 online.

During this quest, players must capture the images of several animals such as pugs, rabbits, pigs, boars, etc.

Pug is one of the special dog breeds presented in the GTA 5 online enhanced edition for each platform.

Pug In GTA Online
The player can find the Pug at the location of Rockford Hills, Mirror Park.

Also, the scientific name of the special Pug Breed is Canis Lupus Familiaris.

Similarly, players must locate the Pug and several other animals and capture their photos to complete their Wildlife Photography Quest.

Players can also play as a Pug itself during the Nex Gen Edition of GTA 5 which can be done by consuming Peyote Plants.

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Where To Find A Pug In GTA 5?

Players must explore the realm of GTA 5 online and locate several animals required to complete the Wildlife Photography Quest.

Similarly, players should capture 20 animals alive and email the picture to the LS Tourist Board to complete the transaction.

Among these animals, some of them can be easily located however some of the animals like Pug, Boar, and Husky are hard to find.

Subsequently, to locate the Pug, players should explore the area of Rockford Hills/Richman Area.

Capturing Pug Image in GTA online
A player is capturing the Pug Image for Wildlife Photography Challenge in GTA 5.

You can explore the avenues around Michael’s house to find the Pug walking on the street during the daytime.

Moreover, players can also explore the realm of Mirror Park to locate the Pug to complete their  Wildlife Photography Challenge.

Besides that, players can choose among the various Pugs available in GTA 5 online to play in Director Mode.

Achievements After Locating Pug

Players can unlock two different achievements by locating the Pug and interacting with it however there are some prerequisites.

You can unlock the achievement of the Wildlife Photography Challenge after capturing the Pug alive.

Similarly, players of Next Gen GTA 5 online can even play as a Pug in the director mode and explore the world from the dog’s POV.

However, you must find the Peyote Plants and consume them to transform into a Pug in GTA 5.

Following the Transformation into the Pug, you can also obtain the Cryptozoologist Achievement in GTA 5.

The Bottom Line

Participating in the Wildlife Photography Contest presents a unique experience for the players in Next Gen Edition.

In GTA 5, players can explore the realm of Rockford Hills/ Richman Area and Mirror Park to locate the Pug.

Similarly, you can also unlock achievements like Cryptozoologist and Wildlife Photography Challenge after interacting with Pug.

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